The Sacrifice

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It's finally 8pm and darkness overtakes the little light left over the mountains and inside the house, alone in the dark I wait as every other night.

"I'm here." I hear the voice. I take a step back and fall on the chair behind me. I get back up and arrange my skirt. I am alone I remind myself.

"I'm back" the voice says. I close my eyes and try to calm myself down. I take a deep breath and repeat in my head. I am alone; there is no need to fear.

I take another step back towards the chair and I suddenly feel a gust of air; cold air that makes my hair stand, in satisfaction.

 I open my eyes and I answer back. "Yes...finally." I sit on the chair with relief and wait for him.

"Are you by yourself?" He says with anger.

I stand up. "I'm alone." I reach out in front of me, but it's just empty space. There is no way he would let me touch him.

"I promise, there is no one else but me." I tried to reason, but more cold air filled the room. It made me tense, but I knew he wouldn't harm me.

"I trust you." I said and sat back down and the room slowly started getting back to its normal warmth.

"I've been received." he said serenely. It's been almost a month since his last visit.

I sighed of relief and smiled.

I remember the morning he came into my room. It was early morning. I had wakened up early to visit my mom and dad at the hospital. I was taking a bath and I had just turned the light off when I heard someone telling me to close the door and to not turn the light on. I thought someone broke into the house and I was being held hostage, but I was far from the truth. I tried to scream but when I tried, I couldn't. My lips were sealed shut, I couldn't move a muscle; I was paralyzed. I fell like a block of cement onto my bed.

He told me to calm down and all of a sudden I felt the room's temperature drop a few degrees and I started to get cold and the more I tried to move, the colder the room got.

"If you calm down, I won't hurt you." He said to me. I was terrified.

"My name is Arson." He said. All of a sudden I felt my lips part and I knew I could talk. I still couldn't move, but I could speak. "What do you want?" I asked nervously.

"I need you; your trust, and I need you to not be afraid." He said.

Not be afraid? I was terrified, I felt like screaming, but I guess I was too scared to do it. I could feel my blood pumping harshly against my chest and the tears running down my cheeks.

"Don't cry; I won't hurt you. I need you to trust me." He said and I believed this invisible person.

The room's warmth came back, "Now, listen to what I say and do as I say." My whole body felt as I had been electrified. Then, slowly I started to regain feeling through my legs and I was able to sit down and take a deep breath.

"What are you?" I asked him. "Light manipulator." he said and the room got darker than what it was. It was as if the light that was peeking through the windows disappeared.


"I am a light manipulator. We live atop the highest mountains on earth." He explained further who he was.

He had been removed from his colony, his family and vanished forever because he came in contact with a human, and when he found my house, he didn't expect to encounter another human. This was an old cabin. No one else but me lived here.

As he explained that no one is supposed to know about their existence and the human who knew was now dead, I got worried, because I now knew about his existence, but he assured me no one knew where he was, that he was a rogue unless he'd bring a sacrifice in less than a year to atone for his sins.

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