Baby just shout it out, shout it out...

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I woke up with the sound of music coming out of the living room. My eyes slowly opened and i yawned.  The smell of maple syrup filled the room and I jumped out of bed as quickly as I could. I walked towards the closet and put on some leggings and a jumper.

As I opened the bedroom door a pair of small arms hugged me and squezed me out of air.

"Leah, I missed you so so so so so so so much!"

"ELENA! When did you get back?"

We were screaming and jumping around and when we were finaly over it I heard Niall calling us to get downstairs. We looked at eachother and without a single word we both know what the other one was thinking. A RACE! She quickly turned around and started running towards the stairs, but I was right behing her. She started running down while I sat on the rail and slided down. Of course I was the first one in the kitchen.

Harry was sitting by the table, reading a magazine and Niall was putting 4 plates on the table. I jumped on his back.

"Morning Ni !!!"

"Hello beautiful"

I jumped down and he gave me a kiss on the forehead.

"Breakfast is ready."

I sat down by the table and looked at Harry. He was really into that article.

"Whatcha reading Hazz?"

"Just some gossip..."



My eyes wide opened and my jaw dropped.

"WHAT!? Gimme that!"


He jumped up and ran into the living room.


I  pouted and started eating my pancakes. Elena came in holding a magazine that Harry had a few minutes ago.

"I just.. And then he.. But.. HOW?"

"I have my ways."

She winked and handed me the magazine. I turned the pages over to find the article about me. This would be the first ever gossip about me in the magazine and I really wanted to know what it is. As soon as I turned the next page over I knew this was it. A big 'NIAH PROPOSAL?' made me smile like that cat in Alice in Wonderland.

"Niall Horan going in his own Direction?

The ex member of the band that broke thousands' teenager's hearts all around the world, now decided  to make the huge step. It was confirmed by a close source to the singer that he finally proposed to his girlfriend, Leah Allen a few days ago.

They have been dating for ages now and the source says : ''They are both very happy and can't wait to share their life together.' If the ex members are going to be at the wedding isnt known yet, but Horan declares this is going to be one of the biggest weddings ever."

I was wondering who the 'source' is. There weren't many people we told. Well now everyone knew. Is it even a good idea to check twitter? As I was about to take my iPhone to check twitter i heard a buzz. Without looking at the caller I.D. i answered.


"Leah? Its me! Selena! I just read an article. Something about Niall Horan and a certain someone getting married?"

I chuckled. Selena and I were tight friends now. And it had nothing to do with the fact that shes dating the guy that I had a mayor crush on when I was like 12. *wink*

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