Bella's POV

"Lets split up" Hayes said. "Nat, were going to Abercrombie." I said dragging Nat into Abercrombie. After Abercrombie I dragged Nat into Aero, Forever 21, and Garage. Then Nat dragged me into Delia's, Bluenotes, and Dynamite. I got a lot of crop tops and shorts. Nat got 3 super cute dresses from Bluenotes, "I can't believe Bluenotes has these dresses, they looked gorgeous on you" I complimented Nat as we were meeting the boys. I saw the guys and Jacob was facing the other way, so I ran up to him and jumped on his back. "Oh god you scared the crap out of me" Jacob reacted. I jumped off of his back and we started walking to the limo. "We should go into Victoria Secret" Nash said. "Oh you guys are too late we went in Chicago" I said "Did you get any thongs?" Nash asked "You are such a fucking perv!" Nat screamed at him.

We were walking to the car and I saw starbucks. "Can we go to Starbucks?" I asked "Who can say no to Starbucks?" Cam responded. We went into the Starbucks and ordered, Nat got an iced caramel macchiato and I got a vanilla bean frappe with 2 pumps of caramel and 2 pumps of peppermint with whip cream and caramel drizzle (same as hayes grier). The guys ordered and we sat down, having to merge tables together to acomidate all of us. "OMFG, is that Magcon and O2L?" A cray fangirl came up to us. She took pictures with the guys "Back off of our men", I just stared at her blankly. She went over to Nat and hugged her and took a picture "I love your covers, are you gonna write an originall song?" "I'm working on some stuff" Nat replied. I stared at her "Umm, I sorta have a youtube channel that I never told anyone about. I do covers and shit" She explained. 

We went back to the house and I noticed that Sam wasn't there. "Where's Sam?" I asked Kian "He's at the park with some girl" "I was talking to him about that earlier" I walked over to Jacob, "can we go to the park?" I whispered in his ear. "Yea sure" We went to the park hand in hand. "Okay, heres the deal. Sam really likes this girl and asked me for advise on how to ask her out. He's here with the girl and I kinda want to see how it goes." "don't you think that's kind of like interfearing with his love life?" "Sam's like the older brother I never had, he asked for my help" I looked over and saw Sam blushing, I looked at the girl and it was Acacia Clark "What the fuck? Why does he like her, shes the biggest slut on the internet. If Lola was here she would call her a Hlut (hoar/slut)" I got up and left. Jacob followed close behind me. 

We arrived at the house and I went straight up to my room. I closed the door before Jacob could get in, he kept knocking on the door and I locked it. I got into my PJ's and went under the comfy covers of the bed. I opened my computer and put my earbuds in my ears, I turned on Spotify and the first song that came on was This Dance by Kenny Holland. His voice is amazing, the next song was I Don't Fuck With You by Big Sean. This song fit my mood perfectly. I heard a knock on the door. "Who is it?" I asked "It's me, Nat" Nat said softly. I unlocked the door and "Hi" "do you wanna talk abut it?" "I'd rather forget about it" "okay" I unplugged my earbuds and IDFWY was still on. We both started cracking up, this was our song and our friend even made actions for it. We jammed to every song that came on and then, Doing It Right by Jack and Jack came on and we quickly changed it Bart Baker was next so we stared at each other. "You thinking what I am thinking?" I paused it. Nat went downstairs "Can the girls come over for a sleepover?" I heard Nat ask "Yea sure" Kian responded "But only if we can spy on you every once in a while" Nash said "You are the biggest fucking perv ever! Get your own girlfriend, cause I got a boyfriend who is in the room and wouldn't appreciate you checking me out!" Nat screamed. I could tell that after that she went over to Trevor and kissed him. We called all of the girls "Hey guys, you wanna have a sleep over?" they all said yes and we started setting up. 

The girls arrived and we all had our PJ's on and we were watching Bart Baker vids, we thought it would be awkward if we were watching the guy's vids, So we stuck with people who weren't in the house. We watched High School 1, 2, and 3. After youtube vids, movies, loads of pizza, and gossip we all fell asleep.  

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