- horror plots 2.

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POTENTIAL TITLE: 31 Bodies For October

POTENTIAL PLOT: in which a killer kills and tortures people for every day of october. it will take a group of friends to stop the killer from reaching day 31. as they try to stop the killer most of them end up dying.


POTENTIAL TITLE: Mind of a Killer

POTENTIAL PLOT: in which the reader can see what a serial killer does from his or her pov. the reader will be able to see what the killer thinks as he or she kills multiple victims.



POTENTIAL PLOT: in which a group of friends has a killer among them. the killer in the friend group is constantly killing friends in the group and it will be hard to pick out who is actually the killer. to spice it up make sure one of the friends is working with the friend that is doing the killing ;). and to make it even more interesting don't reveal to the readers who the killer is. let them guess who it is also.

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