Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 

Draco woke me up ten minutes before the bell rang. Theodore and Blaise weren't anywhere in sight. "Hey." I greeted him sleepily. He chuckled.  

"Hey, the bell's going to ring in ten minutes." I pouted. "What?"  

"I don't want to go to class, I just want to stay here with you." He blushed.  

"W-what are you-" I giggled and hugged him.  

"Besides Fred, George, Harrykins, Hermione, and the others, you've been one of the nicest people to me. In my first year, I endured a lot of bullying from some Slytherins because well, how weird I act." I said frowning a bit. "I was called a lot of derogatory names and it hurt more than I cared to show. That was before I made friends with Fred and George. When I made friends with them, all the bullying just seemed to stop." I smiled. Draco looked at me shocked.  

"You're not a freak or weird. You're perfect just the way you are." He said suddenly. I blushed at this. He did too after he seemed to realize what he just said. He didn't push me away though, he hugged me back. "Don't let anyone think otherwise." I smiled and nuzzled his neck. He seemed to blush even harder. We stayed like that until the bell rang. The silence between us wasn't awkward at all. It was really nice.  

"See you around Draco." I told him beaming at him when we had to split off to go to our different classes.  

"See you around Lizzie." He said smiling at me. I took off and caught up to Fred and George just before they reached the Transfiguration classroom.  

"Hey guys!" I greeted them hugging them both from behind.  

"Hey Lizzie." They said grinning.  

"Have fun at lunch?" Fred asked smirking.  

"Shush you!" I said scowling at him. He and George laughed. "Anyways, the way you see Draco, it's all an act."  

"Is that so?" George said lifting an eyebrow.  

"Yep." I said popping the "p". "I'd tell you how he really is, but then I think I'd just embarrass him and I don't want to him anymore than I already have." I grinned when they looked at me questioningly. "When we went outside, I skipped around him, Theodore, and Blaise." They sniggered.  

"Hm.... Maybe we should go skipping around Snape, what do you think, Fred?"  

"I quite like that George, don't you, Lizzie?"  

"Why yes, Fred, I do." The three of us laughed as we went to our seats causing the ones who were already in there to look up at us startled.  

"Are you three finished?" McGonagall asked scowling at us.  

"Sorry, Professor." We said smiling at her sheepishly. 

"Lizzie, why are you in here?" 

"Oops, sorry Professor, I was just laughing so much, that I forgot to go to my next class." She sighed. 

"That's fine, but just go to your next class please." I grinned. 

"Yes, ma'am! Bai guys!" I said skipping out of the classroom. I think my next class is Muggle Studies? Yeah, why not? I thought as I skipped to the said classroom. I sat in my seat and just grinned because I couldn't get the image of us skipping around Snapacus. Professor Snapacus... I like that! I wonder what his reaction would be if I called him that. He'd probably grind his teeth and tell me off for disrespecting my teacher and then give me a detention for exactly that reason and take away points from Gryffindor. I answered myself. Still it would be so worth it!  

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