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once there was two friends one was carry and the other one was callythat went to the woods on there horses and they were having fun then it was starting to get dark so they thought they could play a little longer, two hours later cally said its very dark do you think we should start to head home then carry said yes lets go, so they got on there horses and began to ride but then there was a creek and cally said i don't remember seeing a creek me eather said carry but they didn't care they just went a head and went over the creek then they came to a house they thought it was there's so they went to the house and knocked befor they went in then a person they have never seen before answered the door and the two girls ran away as fast as they could until they got back in the woods then they were bath crying and so they tried to follow the trail that they came from and found the creek and they knew that they were close to home so they stopped crying then they saw there house and ran in and said mom and sally said carrys mom we are home she came running and said i was so worried about you then carry said we just went in the woods and then it was starting to get dark so we thought that we were on our way home but we were on a different trail and then we went back and followed our other trail ''okay well just don't do it again please'' said carry's mom ''okay''said the two girls then they said what is for dinner ''meat loft'' said carry's mom ''smells good''said sally ''it is very good'' said carry.

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