Chapter 14: The battle continues

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I looked at the other fights they ended very quickly,for example Iida he faught a girl with vine hair and won.Than he also fought a girl in the supports course but had a bit of trouble because the gadgets she gave him started to stop working.But he at least still won that match.Than Momo fought Tokoyami,Tokoyami won by pushing Momo out of bounds with Dark Shadow.I would like to know more about how his quirk works.Now it was time for Uraraka vs Katsuki.I have a feeling this match will be interesting and will be dangerous.Katsuki will not hold back from anyone and I mean anyone.They entered the arena and Uraraka had a determined look on her face.

The match ended with Uraraka defeated and injured.But she at least put up a good fight.She was now in the infirmary to rest up.I stood up from my seat and decided to go to the infirmary to check up on her.As I walked I saw Izuku exit and I walked in.She was on the bed crying and looking defeated.I walked over and sat on the bed to comfort her.She saw and hugged me tightly,She than started crying,"I didn't stand a chance against him,I'm too weak".I than hugged her,"Your now weak you just have to learn on what you need to improve on". We stayed like this for a while.We than let each other go and I leave waving good bye.AsI was walking back I passed Todoroki.He stopped me by grabbing my wrist and looked at me intensely,"Do you know about quirk marriages","Ya,when your forced to marry someone for their quirk to have a child with a much stronger quirk that is a combination of their quirks".He nods his head,"My mother was forced to marry my father,she called my fire side hideous.She was the reason I have this scar and I swore to myself I would never use my left side."I looked at him concerned,so thats his story.I than gave him a more serious look,"I don't mean to sound offensive or anything but your fire is your own power it's not his.I know your dad is a jerk but you shouldn't hold back your power because of him".He looks at me angrily,"You don't understand what I've been through".I than lost my patience,"No,you don't understand,you don't know how it is to grow up without a father that left me and my mother behind.He than became a villian and his words will always haunt me.I was than tormented and bruised in school because of who my father was.He killed his own wife,my mother and my life hasn't gotten better.I keep going because I think of the happy memories we used to have. So you don't understand what is to truly be in pain Todoroki"!I than walked away with burning hot tears and left before he could say anything else.I than went to a empty corner and brought my knees to my chest.I than wiped my tears away,with my sleeve and got up.I won't let this slow me down,I have to keep going.I than walked back to my seat to wait for the next match.The next match is Izu and Todoroki.I have a feeling this will be a tough match to finish.

The match ended with Todoroki winning but they both showed a lot of strength,so it was a great match.Now it was time for the next match, which was mine.I was against Itsuki.We turned to each other and nodded,going our separate ways.I entered the arena and so did Itsuki.We both give each other a determined look.


"Itsuki you know you have a disadvantage against me because I can easily control your robot",he keeps looking at me with a spectacle look.

"So I will not use my quirk,I will only use my non shocking strings and a screwdriver"

"WHAT are you insane"!

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