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POTENTIAL PLOT: in which a mother leaves a diary for her child explaining all the events that have lead up to her death. it is up to her child (the main character) to find out who her mother's killer is and they must decide whether or not they want to avenge their mother.

**A/N: this could also be a horror/suspense plot & most of the book can be in diary entry form so the reader can actually see what is in the mother's diary


POTENTIAL TITLE: An Adventure For Meaning

POTENTIAL PLOT: TW: mentions of suicide!! in which the main character is on the verge of taking their own life because they feel as if their life has no purpose. as they are about to commit suicide they spot an indian peafowl (a bird that is a sign of good luck). spotting the bird the main character decides to not take their life, instead they go out on a chaotic adventure to find some kind of meaning for their life. on this journey they meet new people (some good, some bad) and the story basically ends in a good way :).



POTENTIAL PLOT: in which a girl with jade colored eyes is exposed to the horrors of the world. for all her life the main character has been protected from the real world by her father who feared what the dangers of the real world could bring to his daughter. the main characters whole life has been a complete lie, her father has told her mythical stories about the world perceiving it as a wonderful utopia. the main character meets someone who has experienced almost all the worst of the world and is bothered by the main characters ignorance and decides to show her what the world is really like.

**A/N: i based this one off of the stone Jade which stands for purity or purification, the main characters eyes are Jade green and that is how basically all of that correlates :).

the reason i put "potential" in front of title and plot is because you can really switch any of those things up, it doesn't matter to me. if you guys use these plots let me know in the comments or in private messages because i would really like to read them!

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