Chapter Two: Dog-Tired

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      My alarm blared, bringing me back to the real world and out of my wonderful dream. I knew it had to be a dream while I dreamt it. Sugarplums didn't talk and neither did giant caterpillars. I groaned whacking it until it turned off.

      My sister slept in her bed, a few feet away from me, snoring slightly into her pillow. I looked up at the spackled ceiling feeling a bit lightheaded. My body still ached from the night before and I vowed I'd practice my flips more. Last night I'd contorted my body wrong resulting in me landing a bit awkwardly. I didn't think anyone had noticed but still. I couldn't afford to make mistakes. Not in my line of work. 

      I got out of bed quickly realizing if we didn't want to miss the bus we needed to start the day now. 

      I crawled out of bed, not liking how my joints popped, and went to my sister's side of the room. It was a lot neater than I kept mine. Her clothes put in the proper places, dishes in the sink and in the kitchen rather than on her dresser and on the floor, and carpet completely visible. She was a bit of a neat freak when it came to her side of the room but I knew she needed to be. 

      Shaking her gently I woke her, ignoring her groan and swatting hand.

      "Get up." I whispered. "Or do you want to be late for the first day back?" 

      This made her perk up. She loved going to school while I dreaded it. I made more money in one night than I would getting some dinky job high school was supposed to prepare me for. 

      I think she loved it because it gave her an escape from home and I couldn't blame her there. While I had my escape, she was stuck here the entire night with our strung out mother. 

      She pulled her covers back, small smile on her face as she stared up at me. "Your hair...." 

      I reached my hand up and realized my blonde wig was on crooked. I was surprised it hadn't come off completely during the night. She'd told me I was a bit of a violent sleeper. I pulled the wig off revealing my naturally wavy hair. It had grown out over the summer but I kept the multicolored streaks because I liked the way they made me look dangerous. I needed to look dangerous. It was the only way I survived the school year. And the beginning of this school year probably wasn't going to be any different. I braced myself for the hair, clothes, and twin jokes. It wasn't like I didn't dish it out right back at them, I did. I just didn't have the energy or patience for it today. I'd gotten in at around four in the morning and waking up at six definitely wasn't enough time for my brain to be able to focus for the rest of the day. 

      She got out of bed, stretching a bit as she did, then left the room. 

      While she was gone I got my things ready for my shower. I hadn't done it when I'd gotten home and was sure I still smelt of the man I was with just a few hours ago. That and glitter still coated my fair skin.

      She came back into the room a few minutes later and I left to take my shower. When I shook her earlier, I noticed she smelt of melons so I figured it shouldn't take her long to get ready. 

      I was wrong.

      As I came out the bathroom fully dressed, hair styled in natural curls, I realized she was not dressed at all. 

      " want to be late?" I asked raising a curious eyebrow yet keeping my tone playful. "I mean if you do we could just-"

      "No," she said shaking her head, straight hair shifting effortlessly. It was the same shade of full black mine used to be and fell to the middle of her back. We were twins and often dressed and acted alike. Our hair was no different. Well beside the fact mine was curly and dyed different colors. But that was for her benefit. 

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