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POTENTIAL PLOT: in which the main character can hear what their soulmate hears. their soulmate is someone they have came in contact with in some point of their life and now the main character must find out who they have met before that is their soulmate.



POTENTIAL PLOT: in which the main character is royalty and has now reached the age of 20 which means it is time they marry someone who they will be with for the rest of their lives. (make note that the main character is very stubborn and against arranged marriage) the main character is arranged to marry someone from another royal family & the person they have to marry will fall in love with the main character but the main character will have trouble feeling the same way. (in order for the potential title to make sense the person the main character has to marry will take the main character to this beautiful willow tree and confess their feelings to them)

**A/N: this one is kinda all over the place but i hope one of you can make it work cause i would really like to see someone write a book with that plot ;-;



POTENTIAL PLOT: in which the main character falls in love with two rival gang leaders. the main character will have to choose which one they want to be with but that would be a very hard choice for them to make.

**A/N: i based this one off of something i started writing but it just wasn't working out for me (by not working out i mean like not being able to get pass the first chapter ;-;)

the reason i put "potential" in front of title and plot is because you can really switch any of those things up, it doesn't matter to me. if you guys use these plots let me know in the comments or in private messages because i would really like to read them!

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