Chapter 30: For the Dancing and the Dreaming

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Hiccup lead his newly wedded wife over to the table at the head of the room. The wooden piece of furniture was strewn with water lilies, petals and lit candles, casting a romantic glow on the couple. They sat themselves down, Astrid to Hiccups immediate left, so close that their shoulders were brushing and their gardians, Valka and Finn, to their sides. The platters of food where brought out and placed at each table, but the couple didn't notice. Astrid's hand lay on Hiccups, tracing around the twisted ring she had put on his finger. He opened up his hand, allowing her to slip her slender fingers through his.

Hiccup gazed out across the hall, moving his eyes across the streamer covered ceiling, brightly lit chandeliers decorated with the flowers he and Astrid had picked, and the tables the tables where all the villagers were sitting, which looked like the one the newlyweds sat at. He tried to mentally picture it so that later, not tonight of course, he could sketch it in his notebook and keep it forever. The chief turned his head and grazed his lips over Astrid's ear, causing her to giggle.

"It's so beautiful, you did a good job."

"Your mother helped." Astrid replied.

He smiled and turned to her. Valka smiled and placed her hand on the back of his neck, rubbing his head with her thumb. The look of love was plastered on her face.

She shook her head playfully. "You're radiating happiness."

Hiccup chuckled. "Should I try and stop?"

Valka shook her head again.

"I wanted to thank you, for helping set this up." Hiccup said, nodding towards the hall.

She gave a tight-lipped grin. "You're welcome, son." She leaned over and rubbed Astrid's right shoulder, causing her to jump a bit. "Anything for my daughter-in-law."

Astrid turned to Valka and smiled, the thought of that had slipped her mind, but she was glad that Valka brought up that she is her mother-in-law.

The villagers cheered, signaling that the gang was coming around with the mead. The guys hobbled around the tables, pouring like there was no tomorrow. Ruffnut came and filled Gobber, Hiccup, Astrid, Valka, and Finn's tankards. Hiccup and Astrid raised their glasses, nodding respectfully to the grinning girl.

"Thank you Ruff." Astrid said.

She nodded and went on her way.

"You sure she is okay bringing drinks to everyone?" Astrid asked, acting like it was the most dreaded part of the wedding.

"She said she wanted to take part." Hiccup said before standing with his drink still in hand.

The villagers started chanting 'speech' while banging their wooden tankards on the table, causing the dark liquid to topple over the edges.

"Speech. Speech. Speech!" They chanted, their cups still banging.

Hiccup raised his hand, hushing the crowd. They quieted, waiting for their chief to continue.

Hiccup cleared his throat and glanced down to Astrid before looking back amongst the crowd. "I wanted to thank everyone for coming today, you don't know how long I've waited for this." He glanced back down to his wife, giving her a warm smile.
Astrid stood, with her drink in hand as well. "Yes," She said, looking out to the crowd. "We cannot thank you enough. It warms our hearts, to know that you care."

Gobber cleared his throat and managed to stand after sometime. "I would like ta say a few words to the newlyweds." He said. "I love you guys so much an' I can't wait to watch ya grow old together, ta watch your love grow everyday. I made yer diapers when you were a wee thing." The villagers laughed while Hiccup turned redder than blood. Gobber chuckled as well. "I can' wait to make them fer yer children."

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