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His hands expertly wrapping the tissue around a small figurine, Blaise then finished it off by tying it all together with a red ribbon. Maneuvering his slender, pale fingers with the silky, tiny piece of fabric, he slipped the ends through the knots to create a perfect bow. With that all done, he handed the middle-aged woman the packet. In return, the lady dropped a few golden coins onto his outstretched palm.

"Is this for your son?" Blaise asked the woman carefully, giving her a charismatic smile. The blonde lady raised her brown eyes to meet up with his, smiling back already for his handsomeness. At this, he almost let out a snort. It was always so easy to woo or impress these people - he wished things could've been more challenging... it would make life a little more... fun.

"Yes, it is. My son is coming home from the hospital soon. He's been in an accident, but he's finally getting discharged. I can't wait to see him again," she explained. "Thank you for this, sir. Your toys never fail to cheer him up."

"Anytime. Your son sounds lovely. Send him my regards and a congratulations," he responded. She gave him a nod of her head and with that, the woman walked out of the shop. The familiar chimes that sat above the door rang and then the door closed on him.

Whirling around, his polished, black shoes tapped against the hardwood floor, along with his expensive cane that accompanied it. A small figure popped out from the shadows and the distance grew closer between them as it walked over to him. "That took forever," the girl complained, crossing her arms in frustration.

"Have patience Veria," he told her with a chuckle, ruffling her blonde, curly locks with the spare hand that held no fancy stick. "Though she did take a long time, huh?"

"She couldn't make up her mind! It's not that hard to choose one and go. Also, why are we getting so many customers today? I'm tired of hiding from them."

Blaise's face sombered, the smile slipping off of his face. "You know how important it is to get these customers. Do you... not remember what I taught you? We can't risk having you be seen and scare them away. It's critical for our plan."

"What about that [h/c] haired old geezer? She saw me, but we were fine. And you even invited her to your office! What was that about?" she pointed out, her crimson hues narrowing in thought. Her small, stubby fingers curled around the fabrics of her pink skirts while the feeling of envy prickled her heart. She had gotten so used to Blaise's wholehearted attention on her that she couldn't imagine sharing him with anyone else.

"Oh... you mean [Y/N]?" he said nonchalantly. Veria's scowl deepened - she hated how they were already on a name basis. "She's especially vital for what we'll be doing. I hope you understand that, Veria?" His voice held a sharp tone and the young girl knew she could not protest.

"...Of course."

The man's clicking shoes was heard again and this time, he walked to the corner of the room. It was not the office, but a door that led to a deep hallway. Lifting the latch of a walled-in candle that hung there, a click could be heard. Finally unlocked, he grasped the cool brass of the knob to turn it. Opening it, he was then greeted by darkness that was somehow darker than where he currently stood. He took a few steps in, his fingers gently tracing the wall of the narrowed space. Softer footsteps echoed after him, reminding him that Veria was also there.

The frame of a door-less doorway was touched by his palm, so he stopped. Familiar with his surroundings, he easily used a match in his pockets to light a candle standing on the desk.

What greeted him... were pictures, pictures, and more pictures taped up on the wall. Scribbles were made on them and lines connected each of them like a spiderweb. He strode through the room and snatched the nearest paper to him. He glanced down coolly at it, examining the contents that filled the page. It was a piece of paper that everyone in town should know by now.

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