■ Gogy is calling ■

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Slouched over his keyboard in front of a 3 screen gaming set up, the middle one for the game of course the far left to keep track of recording and streaming and the right well for everything else.
Dirty blonde wavy locks of hair curled around the man's ears which are completely covered by large gaming headphones; his attention souly focused on the intense game of Minecraft championships happening before him. There team this week being his close friend from middle school Nick referred to widely by the gaming community as Sapnap. Mr Karl Jacobs a streamer who started his career on the Mr Beast channel and George....Dreams online Bestfriend.
The game continued piercing green eyes dug metaphorical wholes into the wide screen monitor, completely focused and amazing at the game; it's honestly alarming how good this 21 year other Floridian man is at this blocky game.

The final game rolls around and George is the only one left alive, a bead of sweat start to trickle down dreams forehead and the back of his neck as the discord call falls quiet in anticipation; still dream has full faith in his friends gaming ability.

"C'mon George you got this!" Sapnap reassures

"Yea this is the winning shot" Dream says voice slightly shaking

George takes aim and nails his final 2 shots winning them the championship loud distorted screams emerge from the discord.

"LETS GOOOO!!" Dream
"LETS GO GOGY!!" Sapnap
"We did it!" George says shocked and proud of himself and his team mates

I wide smile can't help but be plastered over Dreams face as they celebrate euphoria fills the room.

A few minutes pass of winners podium screenshots happen from all for members to rember this moment.
"So guys I got a dono before we started saying if you win you have to kiss dream! I don't know if I should " George mentions  nervousness clearly in his voice

"Here George look at me, look at me" Dream crouches and punches the air

"Alright fine I'll do it in game"

The Minecraft avatars crept closer to each other, fronts of the block shaped head meeting.
Dream makes a kissing noise into the mic *muwah*and George does the same, making dreams cheeks begin to feel hot and can't help but feel a hint of embarrassment creep into his chest.

"LETS GOOOOO!" Geroge screams through the mic excitedly startling Dream causing him to lean his head back in his chair a smile reaching either side of his now pink cheeks; knowing he was just exited about winning but cant help having a glimpse of hope that maybe George enjoyed the idea of kissing him.
Dreams stomach suddenly dropped
'wait hope Embarrassment? What is wrong with me today what am I hopeful about?'
Confused he tunes back into the call where Sapnap is trying to get everyone to kiss in game.

"Yets 4 way kiss DREAM c'mon!!"

"That's a bit much I don't know"

"PLEASEEEE" Sapnap whines in his dorky puberty sounding voice he does which Dream has always had a soft spot for.

"Fine" Dream crouches his avatar and creeps closer to the group as loud kissy noises distort through the call into everyone's headphones causing a wave of laughter from the 4 boys.
"I think I'm gonna end the stream here for the day I'm kinda tired, are any of you gonna continue I'll raid you" Dream says wiping at his watering eyes from loud laughing like a kettle and sleepiness.

"Think I'm gonna play on the SMP for a while HUBBY JOIN ME!" Karl says and coos into the microphone while punching and crouching at Sapnap in game

"The Waifu has spoken guess I'm staying on too" Sapnap laughs crouches back at the cheeky smiling brunette

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