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  same day... December 28th, 1980


Once Diane stepped out into the cold, icy city...she immediately regretted leaving without her friends. It was so cold, and Diane barely had a jacket on. There's not much use in a small white cardigan. The snow was drenching her feet from the outside and seeping into the inside. Diane groaned and leaned her head against the brick wall behind her. How she longed to just go home and go to sleep.

Diane sighed, and saw her breath turn white and smoke like, in front of her. If I'm not careful it'll look like I'm smoking a cigarette Diane thought to herself as she tried not to breathe out to much. Her feet started carrying her around the corner. The wind coming in that direction hit her head, it made her shiver and her teeth chatter. Diane hated the Winter time, and she hated snow.

As Diane passed by the old shops, and houses of Birmingham. She became sad, all the families, and people hanging out with their friends just reminded her of the fact that she doesn't have any friends. Or real friends for that matter.

Diane hasn't seen her mother or any of her family in over 5 years. And that was her choice, she didn't want to be associated with them anymore. She didn't miss them necessarily...but she at least wanted someone special to her. Of course, for Diane nothing good ever happens though.

Her feet were becoming numb, and tired from walking in this dreadful snow. Just 3 more blocks Diane she thought optimistically to herself. It's always a good thing to look on the positive side, right? Diane wasn't in any mood to watch TV or read right now. Her bed was calling her name, and she wasn't passing up the offer. Diane was so tired, and so exhausted after doing absolutely nothing that involved doing hard work. In fact, she didn't work hard at all...she's a librarian for gods sake. A 20 year old librarian. I mean, I guess you could call it a librarian. Diane reads books to little kids at the local library. But everyone thinks of her as a 60 year old librarian confronting you about your late fees.

The OPEN signs of each business were flickering to blue, then red, then blue again. It was so late that Diane even strolled past some stores that were being closed down for the night. All Diane could think about was how cold it was.

To make matters worse, Diane was a girl walking alone at night. Anything could happened at anytime. Someone could just come by and grab her in a second. Diane always overthinks things like this. But it's good to be prepared.

"Diane right?" A familiar voice said. At first Diane thought it was someone trying to kidnap her. Diane's head snapped around and saw John in a car driving up to her. She felt so embarrassed walking alone, but was relived it was only John.

"Uh, yeah." Diane replied with a slight bit of bitterness in her tone. You know when your last sentence starts echoing in your mind, and every time it does it sounds stupider and stupider. That was her situation.

"Are you ok? You look....cold." John stated. Diane laughed a little bit at his basic statement. She started strolling again and John followed.

"Well, I'm walking. Without a coat. In December. Yes, I'm cold." Diane said joking with him. John laughed a nervous, "you're an idiot, John" laugh. Diane loved his laugh and wanted it to be her alarm sound every morning when she woke up....stop being weird Diane face palmed mentally.

"C-can I take you. Wherever it is your going? So you don't freeze?" John asked generously. Diane tried to process the information in her head. She was nervous, she wanted to go so badly, but didn't want to embarrass herself.

Diane would've said no to anyone else, even one of her friends but in the moment she said yes. Even Diane was taken back by her sudden agreement. John nodded and Diane opened the car door slowly and climbed in. It was so much warmer in this car.

"Where ya headed?" John asked as he started driving again. Diane thought for a little bit until the words finally came back to her.

"I- um, my apartment. It's up the road and to the right." Diane said simply. God, how hard it is mentally preparing to speak up in front of people. It's terrifying, like giving a presentation in middle school. The car ride was long and awkward. The silence was painfully long, and both of them didn't know how to break it. They just stayed put and didn't talk.

"Here you a-are." John said pointing to her building. Diane got out of the car as quickly as she could to avoid being in this awkward situation any longer than she had to be.

"Thank you." Diane said softly shutting the door to his car and facing her building. John started up the engine again and smiled at her.

"I'll see you around?" John stated more like a question. Diane blindly shook her head yes and immediately regretted answering that early. John might think she was desperate or something. All these rules, of what to do and what not to do were so confusing. He drove off, and Diane watched his car until it disappeared around the corner. Smiling to herself, Diane entered the building and went straight to bed, as she's been wanting to for an eternity.

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