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Chapter 14

Hold on Til The Night

I decided on Greyson for mine, and she chose Glimmer.

The next day James surprised us with harnesses and saddles for Greyson and Glimmer.

"They're just the right age to start riding them!" he announced.

Carly and i had been taking horse riding lessons together ever since we were four, and we knew exactly how to break a new horse in, so within less than a week Greyson and Glimmer were well trained horses.

I taught Greyson how to throw his head in the air when you gave him food, and Glimmer was taught how to stomp the ground on command.

Carly and i had a great time with them.

One day we were out riding them, when my phone started ringing. My ringtone for rosss contact is Ross laughing, so i immediately slowed Greyson to a trot and dropped the reins. Once i picked up my phone i hopped off Greyson and lay down in the tall grass. Greyson came over and lay down next to me, eating the grass loudly right next to my head.

"Ross?!" i literally screamed into the phone.

"Hi Jord!"

"Ross!" i repeated.

"Jordan," he laughed. "You realize we just talked an hour ago."

"Well... That doesn't mean that i didn't miss you in that hour!" i scratched Greyson's ear.

"So what are you doing?"

"Sitting with Greyson; you?" i laughed as Greyson nuzzled his big nose into my neck.

"Er, who's Greyson?" Ross asked uncomfortably.

"Wait a second. I didn't tell you about Greyson?!" i stood up in shock.

"No... Who is he?"

"My horse!" i heard Ross let out a sigh of relief. "Are you sure i never told you about him? Tommy got me me him like a week ago! Carly got one too!"

"No... I've never heard of him!" he laughed shortly.

"Oh! Well when you come to visit you'll have to see him! Greyson's truly magnificent! He's so pretty and he has a great temperament! I trained him within a couple of days! Usually it takes weeks to break a horse in!"

Ross laughed. "Good job, Jord. Can you send me a picture of him?"

"Sure! Next time after i brush him -- then his coat is all glossy.

"Awesome! So--" Ross stopped. "Yeah? No. Jordan. Yep. No. Just like.. Five more minutes? Ten? Fifteen? My time is jut going to keep getting bigger. No. What?! No!!! Uh fine!"

"Ross?" i raised my eyebrow.

"Sorry Jord-- rocky just told me that apparently we have to go to an R5 rehearsal." he sounded really bummed.

"Oh..." i trailed off. "That's ok..."

"I'll call you when we're done ok?"

"Kay," i whispered.

"Don't forget to send me a pic of Greyson!"

"I won't."

"Ok. Bye Jordan... Love you!" and then he hung up.

My shoulders slumped and Greyson seemed to notice my switch in moods. He stood up next to me and grabbed my shirt collar in his teeth and dragged me up. He tossed his beautiful head and i laughed and climbed onto his back. I leaned forward so that i was laying on his neck, my arms wrapped tightly around him. He started walking slowly, carefully avoiding places where he thought i might bump my head.

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