70) "Bad Example" Ⓡ

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You were at Justin's house with Jazmine, and Jaxon for the week. Justin, your boyfriend of 2 years thought it would great if you accompanied him while his parents were gone for a trip, leaving him to babysit his siblings. He somehow coaxed you into staying with him, and said that you both would be 'practicing parenting' because someday the both of you would have kids.. 'alot of them' as your Jay says. 

It was 7:00 in the evening, and you were gone to pick up Jaxon, from his friend's house while Justin was at home, staying with Jazzy. Choosing the opposite gender as a companion is very normal for kids, and Jazzy and Jaxon were no exception. Jazzy always chose Justin, even though she liked you. Jaxon too, always chose you, no matter how close he is with Justin. 

You knocked on the door holding Jaxon's hand, and Justin opened it in a few seconds. You both exchanged smiles, and pecked each other's lips before you stepped into the house. Jaxon squeezed his way into the house when he watched you both lean in to kiss. 

"I made us dinner, baby." Justin said, as he followed you into your room. "Oh, yes! I'm starving." You said, and smiled cheekily at him. He chucked, and said "Let me go check on Jax babe, I'll be downstairs." You nodded, and he left the room.

You changed into some comfortable set of clothes, and walked downstairs to find Justin and Jaxon seated at the dining table. You sat on the chair next to Justin, and looked at Jaxon happily munching on something. You smiled, and decided to break the silence by asking him something general.

"So, what did you learn today at school Jax?" You asked, and grabbed two burgers, handing one to Justin while keeping one for yourself. You took a bite, and waited for Jaxon respond. Justin too took a few bites, waiting for Jaxon to swallow then answer your question. 

"I learnt about alot of things! But mainly I learnt about the 'S' word, Y/n." He said, and your eyes widened. 

It better not be what you're thinking of! Not the word that ends with X and starts with S and has an E in the middle! No way, he's too young for that. 

"The what word?" Justin said, and choked on his food while his eyes widened just like yours. He was a little shocked at his brother's sudden knowledge about some inappropriate subjects. 

"The s-e-x word!" He said loudly, with pride. From the way he said that, you were doubtful about his knowledge on the subject. He wouldn't say it that way if he knew what it was. You gulped hard, and nodded. 

"What exactly did you learn?" You asked, looking at Justin's face, then back at Jaxon.

"Everything Y/n! It sounded so gross but I-" Jaxon started, and out of nowhere, he put on an ear splitting grin.

"You what Jaxon!?" Justin asked, a little nervous, thinking how his little brother of hardly 10 years of age, knows something about this. You looked at Justin's face, and he looked back at you, raising his eyebrows. You turned to look at Jaxon, and Justin repeated his words before that little boy decided to open up.

"I can't wait to try it with a real girl!" He said, and hungrily ate his food. 

"No Jaxon, you're too young for that buddy. And you can't just do it with any girl." Justin added, and you raised your eyebrows at him. First of all, that lad is too young to know this. Second of all, 'doing it with a real girl' is secondary! It ain't important!

"Okay, what if I could try it with Jazzy?" He asked, making the both of you literally spit your food out in shock.

"No!" You both said in chorus. 

"No Jax, no oh god. Don't even think about it buddy, it's not appropriate for your age. And Jazzy is your sister! You don't do it to your sister. Do you understand?" Justin said, leaning over the table hitting his groin on the table while in the process. You gasped, and quickly shut your mouth.

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