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A woman

she is life itself,

built to love,

care is all she gives, she suffers in silence,

never once does she inflict humiliation,

why then can a man do such harm, strip her of her dignity.

what right does a man have to strip a woman?

a woman who he doesn't know? what gal and unfontry?

to hurt and shame? a man forgets that he is born of a woman? a woman who took pride to carry the pregnancy through,

a pregnancy which might have been denied and unwanted, yet, she gets a slap on the face.

what joy is there in stripping a woman publicly? what bravado can one possess to do this?

it's so wrong, yet to others it's not wrong but a right.

a woman born in beauty yet restrained and chained, chained not to be free,

to live undersome's thoughts and beliefs,

woman, hard life to live, but it must be lived through struggles and strife she must persevere,

shame and humiliations, who will save the woman, who will stand up and show love, respect and understanding,

who will defend the woman, to show equal love.

to love a woman, to cherish her for eternity.

she is life, its through her that new life is blessed to be born.


Mariam Furaha

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