train ride

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I open my eyes slowly and I get up from someone's shoulder, there he was Lorenzo Berkshire.

"Arianna, are you okay?" Lorenzo asked as he puts his hand around my shoulder pulling me in closer. "Yes, I'm fine." I reply as I look over to see Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, and Onyx De Loughrey on the other side of the booth. I look over to my right to see Lucille Granger.

"All train rides are a fucking bore. Was there a train ride in which you had an absolute grand time?" Onyx bickers, as she messes around with the gum in her mouth. I stare at her in disgust and she locks eye contact with me and smiles. "Y'know, there was this one train ride with Luna Lovegood," Lorenzo replies to Onyx and smirks. Blaise tries to contain his laugh and Lorenzo says, "Freak, that one." I get up from Lorenzo's grip again and just sit down listening to what they have to say. Even though I didn't experience it myself, I remembered that Lorenzo always talks about shagging girls younger and older than him. It didn't bother me much before but it started to bother me a lot more now that we're in our last year.

I continue to listen to the conversation, "Enzo shagged Luna in the train loo while intoxicated in year 5," Draco replies. "Didn't Loony, I mean Luna have to drink the vial?" I ask and Lorenzo nods and smirks. "Lorenzo! You're disgusting!" Onyx yells, as she pretends to gag and looks back out the window. This caused me to laugh, Onyx was always dramatic, "You really spunked in her?"

I've had to take the vial two times, all because of Adrian Pucey, my ex. We dated for a year, but everyone thought it was inappropriate since I was 13 and he was 16, so once he left Hogwarts we broke up. The Vial was so if a man comes into a woman, it prevents pregnancy. It was created by a woman in the 50's who claimed she was with my father, Tom Riddle, and that they couldn't stop themselves fast enough to prevent babies. He never denied this.

"The more someone drinks The Vial, the more their body gets used to it. Soon enough it won't work," Lucille explains. Making us all look at her. "How would you know Lucille?" I asked, while smirking. "What! I read it in a book!" she reply's.

Onyx and I laugh, I look over to my laugh and Enzo is looking at me and smiling, then quickly looks away. "Of course you would read it from a book, you're a Granger for Merlin's sake, you've got the brains." and she stares at me again and tells me, "I'll be sure to thank your father for spunking in the lady who created the vial." I huff and smile.

"Grangers also have mudblood running through their veins," Draco replies to Onyx. Draco, Lorenzo, and I have always been taught to respect blood purity, which is why Lucille and I aren't so close. If it were up to Draco, she wouldn't be in this group, but it was Onyx's choice, and she sure is scary when she wants something.

"It's not like she chose to be the sister of Hermione Granger. Plus, Lucille radiates Slytherin energy anyways. I can't see Lucille as a Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw maybe." Onyx spits back. "I don't know Onyx, she might radiate Slytherin energy, but most of the time she's hiding behind you, I'd say Hufflepuff, maybe." I remark back, and Draco looks at me and smirks.

"Ravenclaw?" Blaise replied to Onyx ignoring me. "They're the worst in bed. Are you horrible in bed, Granger?" We all look over to Lucille who is turning redder than a tomato, she looks nervous. Then I roll my eyes and intervein, "I agree, Ravenclaws suck in bed." Onyx slaps Blaise in the back of his head, Enzo scoffs and Draco forms a smirk on his face.

"I'm not sure why you're in Slytherin, is all. I assumed that all the bickering that I've given you over the years would make you want to leave Hogwarts," Draco snapped, causing me to chuckle.

"Shut up Malfoy. Go wank it off, you seem stressed," Onyx bickered. "I'll do it for you!" I tell Draco with a smirk on my face. A smirk grows on his face as well. Enzo changes the subject and says, "Need to ease the pain, Malfoy? I brought some muggle-herbs to do the job," Lorenzo jolts up and grabs his backpack from the overhead compartment above. He pulls out a small Ziploc baggie that has 'dried grass' contained inside of it. 

"It smells like skunk!" Onyx complained, as she and Lucille pinched their noses.

"You brought weed to school?" Draco and I said at the same time. Draco stared at me for a second then grabbed the bag and smelt it, making him close his eyes. "Smells great," Draco says, as he passes the bag back to Lorenzo. I quickly grab the bag from Lorenzo and smell it. "It doesn't smell that bad," I reply.

Onyx stops pinching her nose and she asks Lorenzo, "What do you eat it with?" Lorenzo and I laugh and he puts the bag away and replies, "You don't eat it, dumbass." and I continue, "You smoke it." He looks at me then continues, "You could eat it, but it would be in a different form."

Lucille bites her bottom lip and asks, "And how do you know this?" "Muggles are fun to be around..sometimes. They've got all sorts of unique things. It's also nice not being around advanced people. They taught me everything I know." Enzo responds.

I lay down on Lorenzo's shoulder again and Blaise pulls out a chocolate frog from his bag.

"Can I fucking help you?"

"I want some, please." Onyx begged.

"Yeah, Onyx wants your chocolate frog" Lorenzo jokes with a smirk on his face.

"She's really begging for it Blaise." I continue, making Lorenzo and I laugh.

Blaise scoffs and says, "Oh? Again? Can't get enough of me?" Onyx eyes Blaise and replies, "No, never again."

Enzo ignores them takes a piece of Blaise's chocolate and continues to say, "I'd fuck a Ravenclaw again over Onyx any day." I slap his arm and he just stares at me and smiles. Enzo and I were always pretty close, there's no denying that, but I've always seen the way he looked at her. Lucille. I suppose that's where my hatred for her first started, I don't care about blood purity, but I pretend to, just to fit in. "Can we not? That was one of the lowest points in my life," Onyx replies to Enzo, as she pulls a blanket over her.

"You're saying you used me?!" Blaise accused, while stuffing chocolate in his mouth, making me cringe. "I didn't use you Blaise, you were just...there."

"How long did that last again?" Lucille asked Onyx and Blaise.

"Fucking 6 months, all we heard was 'does she love me? Should I stop?' Even Draco wanted to knock him into his senses." Enzo replies, as he pulls me in closer. "Are you okay? You've been acting off." Lorenzo asks me with a concerned look on his face.

"I'm fine..I'm just going to be really busy this year, it's a bit nerve wracking." I reply, while putting a fake smile on my face and looking up at him.

"I don't understand why anyone would want to fuck a blood-traitor." Draco mumbles, but we all can obviously hear. I choose to zone out of reality again..I hear whispering. Someone is whispering my name but who? I come back to reality once again, and Onyx is still yelling at Draco, "ON TOP of that, I'm pretty sure Lucille doesn't want to be called a mudblood on her last train ride, too!" She pulls the blanket over her once again, this time it reaching her neck.

Draco rolls his eyes.

"It's what she is, isn't she. She's a mudblood, there's no changing that. Even if it bothers her, people like her are dying, I'd say she should watch who she associates herself with," I scoff and look towards Lucille, who's obviously bothered by what I just said. 


Arianna's an asshole right now, because she's Voldemort's daughter guys.

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