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"Meow!" "Meow!" "Meowww!"

I groan sitting up seeing my cat at my door. I roll my eyes as I walk past her to the pantry grabbing cat food. She follows meowing nonstop. I fill her bowl with the glob that she begs for.

I look at the clock seeing it's 9:20. I groan as I walk to the bathroom turning the shower on. I strip and get in the shower washing my body.

Once I got out the shower it was 9:54. Not surprised I take long showers and that's how I smell good. I shaved also so extra time. I walk to my closet debating what to wear. I grab a pair of tight jeans that's fit me well and a sweatshirt. I slide my white high top converses as I put them on. I do my hair as in putting it in a messy ponytail but it makes me look good!

It's 11:00 once I finished especially with my mini make up trouble. I walk to the kitchen and make myself some Pancakes.

Sara was shocked as hell when I told her but she also annoyed cause I didn't tell her. She said to call her after meeting up with Davon. I'm a bit scared because he seemed so bossy and stern. I don't want to push his buttons or really make him mad..

I flip my last pancake and put my whipped cream and a bit of syrup as it's a chocolate chip pancake! I grab my silver wear and cut into it and ate while scrolling through Instagram. I look at the photos Sara posted of us that we previously have taken. I liked them and obviously commented.

A few minutes later I was washing my plate after watching a good 30 minute of Criminal minds. I look at my phone seeing it's 12:03! I rush over to my bag grabbing it and running to my car. I rush to get in and turn it on. I obviously don't speed to the building but I obviously try to go a bit over the limit. It's 12:10! I finally pull in and rush out to the door. I open it seeing it's quiet and dark, I press my phone flashlight on and look everywhere to see if he could be here.

"H-hello?" I yell a bit. I hit a table by a accident, "fuck!" I whisper out rubbing my hip. Okay I need to look before I walk more. I see a light upstairs I watch it as I get closer hitting ANOTHER table. "Fucking bitch!" I yell rubbing my hip.
That shit hurts as it's metal! "Watch your language little girl." I hear a deep voice. I freeze looking up seeing Davon leaning against his doorframe. I slowly walk up the stairs mumbling a sorry.

"You're late." He stays with a bit of annoyance. "Sorry I lost track of time.." I say looking at my hands, he lets me in his office seeing it's quite big. I sit at one of the chairs, "so why am I here again..?" I question him. "I wanted to take you out this weekend" I furrow my eyebrows together. "W-wait W-what?" I stutter flushed. "I'm taking you out this weekend." He mostly demands, I open my mouth slightly trying to figure out my words as I'm shocked! "Close your mouth before I do it for you, angel." He says not even looking at me.

(A classic line davon ;) )

I shut my mouth as I chew on my lip a bit. He looks up at me. "What?!" I snap by an accident. "Excuse me? Did I hear that right?" He questions me, my face gets flushed and I look down. I'm not really like that towards people. "Uh-I I-I'm sorry, sir." I mumble, "Heh. I didn't hear you doll. Repeat yourself for me." He says meaning forward in his chair,smirking.
"I-I'm uh I-I'm sorry sir." I say a bit louder. "You better be angel." He says with a weird tone. "So I'm picking you up at 7:30 in the morning and dropping you off on Sunday at 12:00." He says. I widen my eyes. "I have- No." He interrupts, I sigh "I have a- I said no. That's already done with." He says looking at me.
I look away and nod. "Alright..but- Katerina there is no What if's or buts." He says sternly. I nod, "Use your words." He demands. "Yes sir." I say softly. I don't know why I'm calling him sir but he seems so professional that I don't know what else to call him. "Is there anything I should bring or pack?" I ask. "Anything you'll like." He says.

At this moment I finally saw his features more. It wasn't dim or dark so now I noticed his black fluffy hair, he has sleeves on both his arms. His eyes were greenish it seems and his jawline was definitely there. His beard was there a few days ago but he must've shaved it off. He was about 5'10 maybe 6'0. He definitely had muscles and perfect teeth. He wore a lot of rings but I didn't find a wedding ring.

"Doll. You know staring isn't polite." He says staring at me. I widen my eyes as I look away. "I wasn't staring." I say, "Then what were you doing then, kitten?" He asks. I legs were securely shut. He did not just call me kitten. He did not. It's just a name nothing more or else! "Kitten." He repeats,I hm. "I asked you a question." He says. "Uh- I was just looking around." I say. "It didn't look like it, are you lying kitty kat?" He question getting up walking up to me. I slide off the chair and walk a bit backwards. "No!" I yell.

I look at him look down at me. "Do you know what happens to little girls that lie?" He questions me, my eyes widen as I shake my head. He walks closer as I hit a wall, he arms hit the sides inches away from my head. My breathing quickens as I'm scared as heck! He grabs my jaw harshly making me look at him. "They get spanked kitten." He says close to my face. He lets go of my jaw, "so did you lie to me?" He asks again. "N-no!" I say with attitude. We hear the door open downstairs, my eyes widen as I look at him. "Let's try again!" He says more sternly, "okay f-fine! Y-yes I lied!" I whimper, I don't want to get caught in this weird situation.

              He grabs my throat pulling me up to his face. "Oh kitten. You are so lucky someone is here." He growls. He lets me go and I blush hard. I grab my bag and we walk out, "Davon!" I see a women in her late 50's. "Mother?" He questions with a chuckle. We walk to her and she hugs him saying those I miss you and I love you lines. "Oh! Is this your girlfriend! She is gorgeous! Davon you found a beautiful girl!" She says staring at me with a smile. "Awe! Hah thank you." I say hoping he would break the news to her.
"Mum. She's not my girlfriend." He says with sympathy. "W-what! She's so! You guys seem- "I'm sorry mother. I'll make her mine though." He says with a smirk , I blush and nudge him. "Awe! Alrighty then." She says with a smile. "It was really nice seeing you..- Teri!" She says. I nod. "I have to go now though ..it was lovely meeting you Teri. G-good bye Davon." I say smiling. I walk out to my car looking for my keys.

       "Doll..did you think you could escape your punishment that easily?" Davon says behind me. My breathe stops for a second as I turn around. "N-no..but your mother was here so uh..- Kitty she checks the club everyday in the morning." He says grabbing the keys out my hand. I sigh already knowing he's driving. I slide in the passenger seat.

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