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Izuku sat spinning in a chair with Meliodas in an attempt to see who could go faster using raw strength. Soon the chairs started to draw closer and closer to each other without either noticing. "Midoriya watch out your gonna-" Hishi(Nickname for Hitosi) tried. However it was futile because the two ended up slamming their heads together causing both of them to wince and hiss in pain. "Watch it captain" Izuku said while holding his forehead. "Wai- huh wha- WHAT HOW IS THAT MY FAULT!" He yelled back at Izuku who just shrugged him off. "Izuku Midoriya and Katsumi Bakugou please walk locate yourselves to the arena" A speaker yelled. Izuku shot up and jogged to the arena and sat down waiting for Katsumi.

She soon arrived and stood with her arms crossed in an attempt to intimidate Izuku which of course didn't fuckin work I mean if he wanted to he could fuckin Koro-Sensei the moon. "Okay you know the rules no killing and no stepping out the border" Midnight reminded. They both nodded and Midnight started the match. Katsumi lunged at Izuku with right hook which he dodged. Izuku grabbed her wrist and kicked her in the knee before throwing her back.

She gained a pissed look and dodged at Izuku the boy she tried to attack just jumped up over her head. This caused the girl to look around for him not being able to find the boy anywhere at all. A good half fuckin hour was Katsumi trying to find the boy the only way she knew he was still in the ring was because Midnight hadn't called her winner. "TELL ME WHERE THE BRAT IS!" She yelled at Midnight who started to chuckle. Midnight tapped her head causing Katsumi to quickly reach up and grab Izuku's ankle. She yanked the boy off her head and held him infront of her with a menacing glare. Izuku chuckled and kicked her in the side cracking a rib. She let him go and shot explosion after explosion at him all missing.

Katsumi started to focus her explosions to the middle of her palms before expanding it outward creating an explosion that covered the arena. Izuku drew his sword and counter vanished it while picking earwax out of his ear canals. "Is that it?" Izuku asked mockingly. Katsumi got pissed and started blindly throwing blows at Izuku who caught and doged them all. "Oh come on Kaachan thought you were better than this" Izuku said teasingly. "Tough talk for a fucker with a small cock" She grunted out. Izuku stopped and smiled. "Oh your implying my cock is small huh care to find out if that's true?" Izuku teased. Katsumi blushed and continued her assault still missing Izuku entirely. A phone soon started to buzz and Izuku picked it out of his pocket and answered while still FUCKIN DODGING. "Midoriya here........Izuku..............Yeah................Yeah I had to pull both my thumbs out and leave........still kept the hamster though" Izuku conversed while a hamster poked it's head out of his breast pocket. Izuku ended the call and caught Katsumi's fist before twisting it until she screamed in pain. Izuku then kicked her in the temple knocking her out and declaring him the winner of the sports festival.

All-Might came with medals and a podium before setting the podium down and propping Katsumi onto the second place stand. "Congratulations on winning the sports festival young Midoriya you are closer to your dream of becoming number one" All-Might told Izuku. The boy smiled and stood on number one while Tokoyami took number three. A picture was taken and the students sent home to reflect on what went wrong or to celebrate winning.

Surprise fuckers I ain't writing during the break why hahahaha I dunno cus I wanna enjoy it sike I enjoy writing but after I eat that much food I pass out hahaha lightweight I know hahahahahah love you guys so fuckin much

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