2016- Rainbow Animals

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[This story was created in 2016 as a high school assignment, also I'll be keeping the writing mistakes lol]

Three people walk into a forest and saw a deer that was pink, with rainbow horns. It was having a tea party with an orange rabbit, a yellow kangaroo, and a green tiger.

The tiger was shocked to see humans trespassing and interrupted their tea party.

"What are you humans doing, wandering this forest?" The tiger growled.

"Calm down, they probably aren't here to hurt us." Said the rabbit.

"Here, come sit with us!" said the pink deer and giggled, "what would you like to eat?"

All the animals gasped at the deer.

"Are you mad?!" yelled the kangaroo.

"Do you want us killed?!" The tiger growled at the pink deer.

"No, were are not here to kill any of you!" said one of the humans.

"We are lost on our field trip and we don't know how to get back." Said another human.

"I can help you with that!" that deer said and smiled, "Just follow the rainbow glitter!"

The humans are confused.

"...You don't know what the rainbow glitter is?" asked the deer.

"No, we don't" answered on of the humans.

"No time to explain, just follow the rainbow glitter and you'll be back with your other humans in no time!" the deer said and giggled.

"Uh, thanks..." said the human.

The three kids saw rainbow glitter sparkled and they walked on the glitter and followed the trail.

"Bye, humans!" the rabbit waved its paw.

"See ya!" said the kangaroo.

"Goodbye, humans." said the tiger.

"See you later!" said the deer and giggled.

The kids walked on the rainbow trail and disappeared into the trees.

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