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" So this is it.Thank you so much for standing by my side Carlie even though you completely disagree with this" She sobbed. Carlie, her gay friend smiled at her.

"But of course Mia doll . I love you so much that I agreed to this out of this world escaped of yours! I just thought that I could still stop you at the end but hey we are already here and there's no turning back. I'll support you through it all." Carlie said but with the look on his face that says he wants to pluck every hair strand on my head. I smiled to him.

" I love you so much Carlie darling." I replied and smiled sheepishly. He rolled his eyes to me. I can't help but giggle. He usually fires back saying that God surely regret giving me a beautiful face and body yet I'm not utilizing my God given gifts and wishes that If only he could just exchange place with me then he will be ecstatic. I always laughed at my hearts content everytime he tells me his mantra.

I know he really dont like the idea of me having an AI(Artificial insemination). He did everything he could to stop me on this out of this world escapade of mine as he quoted. He said for a 26 year old woman, I'm still very young. Yes Im aware of that but I am really decided.

"I just thought Dr.Samuels life will make sense to you but hey your a tough bitch!" He ducked face. Dr. Adrian Samuels is my OBGYN who's happily married one. During my check ups he never fail to amuse me with his love story. I know deep in my heart I envied his wife. Its not everyday you'll find a very young married man who's very loyal with his wife. Even for his type of job. Did I forget to mention that aside from being young he has the faces that every women will drool for? He definitely had some past playboy days for sure before he met his wife that tied him down. Like Carlie he is trying to convince me that I could still back up and he thinks that I might regret my decision afterwards. He even mentioned that he got tons ofvclose friend that he can set me up with so I could still think . I just laughed at what he suggested.

I know its a cliché but my reason is definitely common and simple. Like some, I have been a victim of this cruel thing called "love". Since the very beginning I will lay myself out there. Then after a few months I'll find myself asking " What's wrong with me? Why do I always get hurt?" Well thats the routine until I reach to the point where I can't take it anymore and I succumb with my multiple damaged heart.

I was a about to answer back when the nurse called to me.

Its time......

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