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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 2

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My face paled when I saw them, but I held my ground. Lynn was horrified, and clung to me as if her life depended on it. Which it very well might.

The prince’s voice rang out behind me. “Let us pass!” But the soldiers stood firm. They were expressionless, and I wondered at how callous and unfeeling a human could be.

“LET US PASS!” He shouted loudly into their faces. They still didn’t flinch. “You cannot disobey the order of a prince!” One of them finally spoke.

“The king has told us not to let any prisoners through. His command far surpasses yours. Even if he hadn’t, we still could not obey you. You-“

“Enough.” The prince’s voice sounded commanding, but also a little unsure. Well. There seemed to be something he did not want me to know. Then I had an idea.

“Let us speak to the king. There is no harm in that.” I had always known that I had a beautiful voice, and these soldiers now knew it too. They squinted at my face, trying to look, but my cloak was all the way over my eyes now and my head was down. The only things visible were my chin, lips, and the bottom of my nose.

One of the soldiers reached out his hands, reaching to pull back my hood and reveal my face. Before he could make contact I stepped back.

“Don’t touch me.” My voice wasn’t so pretty anymore. I took hold of Lynn’s hand again. “Bring us to the king.” Finally the soldiers agreed, and six of them dispatched from the large group and surrounded us.

“Come.” They said, and led us away.


The soldiers brought us to a large room. Along the way the whole castle shook, reminding us of the dragons’ fury.

The castle itself was magnificent. The walls were all marble and covered in intricate tapestries. All the doors were made from cherry trees with pure gold knobs. Some of them were beautifully carved with patterns of animals and plants. The ground was covered in carpets so thick that my dirty bare feet sunk in at least an inch. Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, catching the light and throwing it around the room to create exquisite patterns on the walls.

Lynn stared around her in wonder, momentarily forgetting our situation. All the luxury made me even angrier. Who was this king that he could have all this an still be greedy? The money that had gone into this flimsy decorating should be in the streets, being placed in the hands of the poor, being used to build shelters and to buy food. Everything, the carpets and the walls and the doors, disgusted me.


The room the king was in was even more fantastic. It was the walls. They were inlaid with blue and green stones in an intricate pattern of shapes. It looked all done by hand, probably taking years to complete. But the wall wasn’t the only thing in the room that was beautiful. There were blue couches and chairs along the walls, couches that looked so comfortable after all of my running. I looked down at Lynn, and on her face was such an expression of desire that I felt guilty about thing of myself. Lynn had been in a dungeon for a whole day, sitting on a cold stone floor. I would have offered her a seat, but I knew I couldn’t.

I looked up to face the king.

hey guys, so this is my second part... please vote and comment. i don't know whether or not to continue because not many people read my first part. 


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