chapter 10

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He was late.  Yeah I suppose it was only five minutes but still was I fucking late?  No I managed to get there on time so why the hell couldn’t he?

We were meeting at a local Italian restaurant which I loved - and I had to sit around looking like a complete idiot on my own with my fingers crossed he hadn’t stood me up or something.  Hey, I’d heard of these things happening and it didn’t really fill me with joy.

When he finally turned up it was a massive relief.  And Jenna was right - he was hot.  Like, hot hot!

But what can I say, the boy had issues.  I didn’t really see it when he first sat down with his pearly whites flashing through his wide smile, but trust me as the night went on the more I decided it was time to kill myself.

“Can you believe she did that to me?” Craig asked from opposite the table, fixing me with his brown eyes and holding my gaze.

I stared at him in a daydream with a blank expression for a few minutes before realizing he was asking me a question and saying, “What?”

He had droned on and on about everything that would have me slitting my wrists all night, and this was probably another no-go convo with me.

“I was talking about my ex-girlfriend Cassie cheating on me with my best mate,” he told me slowly, and then stopped waiting for my reaction with his eyebrows raised.  It was so obvious he wanted me to go, “oh you poor thing how could she?”

Well, I’m not gonna play the sympathy game so instead I just stated, “Wow that sucks.”

He stared at me in shock and I took this silence as a chance to grab the waiter’s attention.

“Can I help?” The waiter asked as he came closer.

“Yeah sorry can I get another white wine please?“ I indicated the near empty glass in front of me.

“Of course would you like a glass or bottle?” the waiter smiled.

“Bottle,” I replied quickly before he’d even managed to get the full sentence out, and the waiter just laughed at me and nodded.

As he walked away I turned back to see Craig still staring at me with a look of shock.

Man someone needs to get this guy a violin while he’s wallowing away in his own self pity.  It even looks like he’s close to pushing a tear out.

“You ok?” I asked with a fake smile on my face.

I need to get out of here asap.  One thing a guy should never chat about on the first day is their exes - I thought that was pretty much common sense.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine,” Craig replied before staring at the plate in front of him quietly.

Awkward silences - just what I love.  Just joking, I hate them.

“So,” I started, dragging out the word for as long as I could without looking like a twat.  “You go to university with Jenna?”

It was meant as a question but if he realised that he didn’t let on, instead choosing to stare at me blankly instead.

“What do you study?”  I asked moving on and then looking around the small room hoping someone would see my expression and come to save me. 

Unfortunately for me, the table next to us was empty, and the rest of the customers were too caught up in their own lives to notice me slowly dying over here as Craig decided to finally get over himself and tell me all about his future job as a biology geek. 

There wasn’t even any music on so I had to pretend to listen while he gave me his whole life story, nodding and looking concerned at the right spots. 

You could just tell this guy completely loved himself.  Oh, and his ex-girlfriend who just managed to get a mention in every sentence he spat out.

I really reckon I could’ve gone to sleep right there and then in my plate of lasagne, and nearly cried out in hysterical relief when the waiter returned with my bottle of wine.

He gave me a small knowing grin, pity written all over his face as he opened it and poured a glass for me, before setting it on the table and leaving me with a wink.

I really wanted to scream “Come back please,” in my most needy voice but I think that kind of attitude gets you a drinking ban and right now this was the only thing keeping me going, so I decided to bite my tongue and get on with it.

Craig was still telling me a really boring story about him and his exes holiday last year when I heard a familiar voice which made me shrink down in my seat thinking ‘you’ve got to be shitting me’.

Looking around, Alan, yeah the one and only, was striding over with his asshole son in tow behind him.  Glancing ahead I could see that all the tables were taken which meant….oh hell no!

Seriously all this luck I’ve been having recently is a joke.  I’ve broken no mirrors, walked under no ladders and let no black cats take a stroll past me - so what is with this luck?

Grabbing one  of the menus I quickly stuck it to the side of my face, hoping they wouldn’t see me, and started to plan my escape.

The tables were so freaking close I could hear the chairs being pulled in from over Craig’s latest story and actually held my breath for a minute, before thinking they couldn’t exactly tell it was me by my breathing.

“And then she said…hey what’s up?” Craig trailed off, looking at me like I was insane.  Hey, I never said I didn’t have problems.

“Nothing,” I whispered, glancing at the menu out of the corner of my eye which was still stuck to the side of my face.

“So, why don’t you move the menu?” Craig asked me, speaking like I was five years old and raising his eyebrows with a ‘well’ expression.

“The light’s hurting my eye,” I lied.  There wasn’t even any light but it was the first thing I could think of saying.

I could hear Alan and Evan starting up a conversation next to me and at that moment I just wanted the ground to swallow me alive.  I could handle hell - but what I could not handle is those two if they figured out it was me.

“Will you just take the menu away from your face?” Craig spoke a little louder, and I actually felt like hitting him as I heard Alan stop mid-sentence - probably to stare at little shy me.

“The light’s hurting my eyes,” I hissed back at Craig as forcefully as I could.

The guy just was not getting the hint though, and seemed to take it upon himself to try to wrestle the menu out my hands.

“Cut it out,” Craig snapped at me still trying to wrestle the menu away from my hand while I used my other hand to slap him away.  I could almost feel everyone in a close proximity staring at us as Craig gave up and let me get on with plotting my escape. 

I felt a little bit of relief swarm me before I had it ripped out as I felt another hand grip the menu and pull it down from the side exposing my face.

I turned with an embarrassed smile on my face to meet both Alan and Evan’s eyes, and stated with fake happiness,  “Oh my god imagine seeing you here?”

Alan’s face frowned for a minute before realisation dawned on his face and he continued to glare at me clearly not amused.  Evan on the other hand couldn’t stop laughed, with the menu still in his hand.  I guess that answers the question of ‘who pulled it away from my face.’

I swear to god, if I’d had a gun at that exact moment I would’ve turned the barrel to my head and pulled the trigger without a second thought.

“Emily,” Alan nodded curtly to me and I could feel Craig’s eyes on me.

“Hi Alan,” I muttered, putting my head down.

“What am I not getting a hi?” Evan choked out, and I turned to see the biggest smirk plastered across his face.  Wow how much do you think I would get fined if I wiped that smirk of his face - violently?  A few punches should do the trick.

I forced a smile on and replied sarcastically, ‘Hi Evan.”

The whole time I was studying his face, wondering if he got that text pisshead Emma sent last night.  He wasn’t saying anything - not that that meant anything. 

I guess the best I could hope for is that it was sent to another number or he lost his phone or something.  I hated the not knowing though, it felt like he had one over me and I hated that feeling.

“Hey Emma do you know these guys?” Craig asked me.  Well done give the boy a round of applause for spotting the obvious.

“Yeah Alan is my boss,” I announced trying my hardest not to call him a fucking prick in the meantime.

Instead of saying anything Alan just took this time to glare at Craig - I take it that any friend of mine is an enemy of Alan.

Evan in the meantime, took this as an opportunity to introduce himself, and I could almost hear his twisted little mind plotting on ways to mortify me.

“Hey I’m Alan’s son Evan.  Me and Emma work together as well,” he told him innocently as I put my head down and stared at my food.

Someone shoot me, please just shoot me now.

“Craig,” he grunted his name back, watching Evan carefully.

“So what, is this your boyfriend?” Evan started and I decided it was time to steer this conversation in another direction.

“So what are you two doing here, is it anything special?” I asked quickly. 

I didn’t actually care why they were here, fact was they were and I really didn’t feel like getting 20 questions from that dickhead about my blind date.

“Yeah dad can’t cook for shit so instead of starving we decided to come here,” Evan started and I grabbed my glass of wine and downed it.  I only meant to take a big drink but I ended up finishing that glass, go figure?

“I can cook I just choose not to,” Alan snapped at his son, while he fixed me with a disgusted look having watched me down the glass, and not in anyway ladylike I might as well add.

“Yeah yeah whatever,” Evan shrugged off while I grabbed the bottle and poured out another large glass filling it right to the top.  I don’t understand why people only fill their glasses halfway up, you might as well get right in there eh?

I felt Evan staring at me from the side as I raised my glass and I turned to give him my most bitchy ‘what?’ look, to which he only laughed and shook his head.

I gave him a dirty look and downed a good mouthful of my glass before setting it back down on the table a little louder than I wanted.  Everyone started at me, and I just shrugged my shoulders and muttered, in a very non-convincing tone, “sorry.”

I like how they just happened to be here on this night at the exact same time as me.  Someone is completely fucking with me, trying to ruin my life.  I mean I know Dundee’s a small city and everything - but it’s not that freaking small!

“Excuse me,” Evan said, rising out his seat and walking towards the front of the restaurant to where the bar was hidden.  Hey, I think I have more claim for running to the bar right about now - I could really do with a shot or maybe litre of tequila right about now.

But no, I get stuck here with Craig and Alan in the worst awkward silence I’ve ever felt.  Honestly, you could’ve cut the tension with a knife at that moment.

I pulled my phone up and decided to text for backup, I needed an escape and Leanne was great at doing the ‘family emergencies’ for me.

I had only just started to write the message keeping my phone hidden under the table when another text came through.

Thinking about it, I decided to leave sending that text until I read the one that just came through in case it was from Leanne, so came out and opened the new one.

It wasn’t from Leanne, nah was it fuck.

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