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POTENTIAL PLOT: in which a boy dies (in the beginning of the book) and is reincarnated. he has all his memories from his past life but he has now started a new life. he is the same age as he was in his past life and even has a normal life. he wants to find out how he has been reincarnated and still remembers things from his past life.



POTENTIAL PLOT: in which the main character is a person who has lived almost their whole life not caring about anything in the world. they come off as lazy to others but in all reality they just take life as a grain of salt (meaning they don't really take anything to heart). the main character will meet someone who cares about every single thing that happens around them and will grow fond of that person. the person they meet will be a pain to get along with because they are complete opposites of each other but the main character is somehow willing to make it work.

**A/N: i may have or may have not based that plot off of my life in a nutshell.



POTENTIAL PLOT: in which the main character is madly in love with someone but doesn't know if they feel the same way. the main character is willing to do anything to make the person love them back the same way they love them. so basically the main character will go through a whole lot of heartache in order to be in love with that one person. but will they get that person to love them back? that's up to you author :).

**A/N: this song is kinda based off this song called 'Wanna Know' by Sabrina Claudio, feel free to listen to it to get some inspiration if you decide to use this plot.

the reason i put "potential" in front of title and plot is because you can really switch any of those things up, it doesn't matter to me. if you guys use these plots let me know in the comments or in private messages because i would really like to read them!

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