Chapter 6

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They awoke to grey skies, that darkened quickly as the day continued. Duncan, Aidan and a guards rode out towards the outer lands to hunt and practice archery. The hunt proved difficult as the rumble and roll of thunder had every creature and animal in the woods in hidding. Even the poor horses that stood beneath them were impatient and growing more so with each rumble from the sky.

Aidan turned to look at Duncan waiting for his decision to call it a day and retire. Or, wait it out to see if it will pass.

The winds picked up and the skies went from deep grey to darkening black.

" Let us ride, before it gets worse," Duncan looked at Aidan then at the sky.

Turning there horses they rode out quickly. Lightening overhead in the open field halted them from continuing and on Duncans orders he bellowed over the loud winds to ride back towards the chapel in the woods.

They rode as fast as they could into the deep woods as the skies opened up and rain like a waterfall poured heavily on them.

Making it beyond the last of the trees, the chapel came into view. Quickly they all dismounted and ran following Duncan as he opened the large wooden doors.

He entered and immediately skidded to halt as he watched a young girl stand and turned to face them all.

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