Cole's Point of View

Do you ever get that feeling that people are always talking about you?? Yeah I'm having that feeling right now! I swear to Pikmin that People are talking about me. Every time I walk down the hallway people start whispering and Giving me odd looks... I'm feeling violated...
Before I could open my locker Amy came over and squeezed me.
"Can't... BREATH! GET! OFF!!ME!!!" I whispered since I had almost no air left.

"Sorry Sugarplum! I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house Saturday? We'll be all alone." She whispered the last part in my ear sending shivers down my back.

I don't want to go to a sluts house! I want Lindsey back the girl that means the most to me!!
Jon's Point of View
"Jon! Why are you doing this!? You promised! You lier!" A ten year old Emile yelled,tears running down his cheeks.
"You said you loved me! But you went and started kissing another girl!! Your the one who broke the promise!" I yelled back at him, my voice high pitched from not going through puberty. (Loser xD)

He ran away from me. Tears dripping down his face, and I sat there wondering how this has happened so quickly when we're only ten...
••••••end of Dream thing•••

I sat up quickly and touched my cheeks. Tears. Im crying. Why am I crying again? I only cry when.. Emile!
I turned over quickly to find that Emile had rolled off the bed. Really dood! I stifled a laughed and crawled next to him, snuggling into his chest. I opened my eyes again, not able to fall asleep.
"Go back to sleep Jon. I won't leave you again. I promise." A sleepy voice told me, softly. I nodded my head and I drifted off into a dreamless sleep, you could say.

If only I had stayed awake a little longer I would of heard a muffled scream outside.

Sup Guys! Yes I'm leaving you off on a cliff hanger. Deal. With. It. ^_^ Anyways I didn't have my phone for 2 days and it wasn't that bad! Also. IM ALIVE AND I HAVE MY PHONE BACK!!!

Byeeeeeeee kittens ^3^

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