A Curse of Luck (A kidnapped story) (8)

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I gasp what kinds of people have that kind of money, and for a person. And did they say demon genetics, what the hell does that mean?

I'm just hoping that no one will sees me worth that much, and I won’t be sold, but Will was sold so if I'm to stick with him like Fran said to do, I need to be sold with any luck by the same person.

Then again I'm talking about my luck here.

I'm doomed nothing ever goes my way.


Whitney's (Pov)


Those words echoed through my head, I was sold something I never dreamed I would experience in my life time. Not only that, but I possess demon genes whatever that means.

So that's the reason they want me and Will, they think, no they know that's why they did the testing or at least that's part of why. I'm sure there is more to it than that.

But whether or not I will know all the reasons are unseen.

I start to panic internally, but my face is as blank as a piece of paper.

Do Will and Fran have a plan because it would be amazing to get it into action soon, like now. But then I remember Fran, saying to stay close to Will, so that's exactly what I will do. I discreetly walk next to Will. I'm only inches from him, but I don't look at him.


That's when the lights start to flicker, and go out altogether. Someone grabs my hand and I'm being dragged through a door and I assume hallway. It is pitch black, so I'm not sure who's taking me, but if it means not being sold I'm all for it.

I suddenly I hear shouting, and foot steps behind me. I'm running at my stop speed plus with the adrenaline pumping it's safe to say this is the fastest I have ever ran in my life.

Next thing I know I'm outside, I cannot help but look up at the sky there's so many stars and barely any sky its breathtaking. Then suddenly I'm being lifted onto a horse, and it starts galloping away. It all seemed to happen in a matter of minutes it's hard to believe.

I'm in font on the horse whiles my savior or possible kidnapper is behind me. How sad would that be being kidnapped twice.

I slowly and nervously turn my head around to see whose behind me, and took me.

Instant relief washes over me, It's Will. I've only know him for a few hours if even that, but I feel oddly safe with him, and Fran said I can trust him.

He looks down at me, and I just stare into his deep blue eyes and my thoughts leave me, time seems to stand still, I cannot take my eyes away even if I want to, they're so memorizing.

"Look away!" His voice cut through the silence, and I snap back to reality. I shake my head and stare straight ahead.

I did it again I got lost in his eyes how embarrassing, what is wrong with me? Should I say something it's just so awkward.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare I just am, um thank you for saving me."

Ugh I am an idiot he probably thinks I'm a freak now.

"No, no, it's not your fault. I um think it has something to do with being a demon my eyes can affect some people or at least that's what I was told, and you don't need to thank me."

"Oh, so um, the whole demon thing is real?"

"Yeah it's kind of hard for me to believe too, this stuff is supposed to only be real in stories and dreams."

"Or nightmares." I whisper.

There is a pause

"Yeah, those to." He says quietly.

I take a deep breath everything is pretty overwhelming, but I always try to remain calm, freaking out will do me no good. Sure I worry a lot but that's a whole different story than freaking out 24/7.

"Look if you’re uncomfortable with me being what I am....

"No, no that's not what I meant. I mean it’s not your fault you didn't know that's what you are, right?"


"Um well, the way I see it is we are both in the same boat here and different world for that matter. I think if we stick together and trust each other, maybe we can find a way back to are homes. That is if you want I mean?"

He laughs. "I thought the same thing, two minds are better than one right, but are you sure you really trust me we barely just met."

"I think I can aside from you being thrown out of a bar wasted." I laugh "you haven't done anything to make me not trust you, plus Fran vouch for you, and I trust her so that's good enough for me."

"Fran? The old woman right?"

"Yes, you, guys cooked up this escape didn't you?"

"Yeah she brought food to my cell and asked if you and I were friends. I explained to her we didn't really know each other, and I asked if she knew if you were okay or not. She assured me you were and asked if I would help you get out, which I said yes to obviously."

"Wow." Is all I can say, he was worried about me I smile at that thought, but I quickly shake it away, there is no way he would like a girl like me.

He's just a guy helping out a helpless girl, ick. I didn't want to be seen as helpless, even if it was partly true.

I peer around it's getting really dark, and the forest we were heading through looks pretty thick except for a few paths that are woven throughout.

"So now what, where do we go from here?"

"Well the old women said to head north to the ocean, and from there we need to find a ship that will take us to the Center Land."

"The Center Land?" I question.

"Yeah apparently this world is set up like a pentagram. The land on the outside is the points, and then there is a center which is a lot bigger."

"I sort of get it, but what is in the Center Land?"

"Well other than it being far away from that "facility" he said with so much sarcasm.

"Apparently that's where the Rebellion is, a group made up of different creatures that are against the mistreatment of humans. She thinks that they are our only hope in getting back home."

"So to the Center Land it is." I stifled a yawn but Will notices.

"If you’re tired you can sleep, I won’t let you fall off."

"No its okay, I don't want you to have to stay awake the whole way."

"We still have about a day left till we reach the coast if I'm going the right direction so you sleep I'll have time to rest later."

I want to argue but whether it’s from the trot of the horse or from me not feeling so uneasy, I'm slowly lulled into a deep sleep.


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