Pov Calum

"look mates, I can't tell you a lot... mostly because I don't know a lot." I say seated at the kitchen table next to them

"okkkayyy... well what do you know?" Luke asks cautiously

"For starters I don't know her name because you fuckers destroyed my yearbook. I met her last night when I was driving home by the bridge an-"

"the bridge?" ash interupts

"yes the fucking bridge" I give a warning look at ash knowing he wants to interrupt " She was going to commit suicide. I stopped her and I made a deal that I would leave her alone after talking to her. Anyways, I have no idea if she's coming and I'm worried" I sigh

"don't her parents care?" Michael asks

"no, they left her and she has no money." I reply

"Can she get a job?' Luke asks

"no one wants to hire her, but she really needs the money" I sigh

"I can give her food or water, I get stuff at a discount at the store" Ashton says

"no, ash. she" I take a deep breath "needs drug money. She needs to pay the guy back and buy more for her addiction"

The boys stare at me and one of them is about to open their mouths when the door bell rings.

I get up and say "not a word" they nod and I walk to the door.

I open it to see her smiling. "Cal? Can I stay here for the night?"

I nod and lead her to the kitchen. They smile at her and offer her their seats

"Oh no, really I'm fine. I just wanted to hear you guys play" she says

"video games?" Luke asks

"no silly, the band" she laughs

"oh, wow really? no one has asked us before" Michael says smiling

"Can you take her to the garage?" I ask the boys

Ashton smiles and says to her "C'mon I show you the drum kit"

I grab the kitchen phone and pace around the kitchen trying to call mum who's at work. I wait for her to pick up and take a deep breath and begin "Mum...

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