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I know I'm updating this after a long time but please forgive me! I'm now in medical university and it is kicking my ass lmao but anyway enjoy!

Harry and Archie were casually walking back to their common room, the latter a slight more casual than Harry. Archie wasn't sure, but it probably had something to do with the crowd of Ravenclaw students crowded around them as they walked, all of whom were staring at Harry with either awe or love in their eyes.

One brave Ravenclaw – a third year, Archie guessed – approached Harry with a picture and a marker. On closer inspection, Archie noticed that it was a picture of Harry doing one of his famed bicycle kick shots. The boy obviously wanted Harry's autograph.

"Um, sir, do you think you can sign my picture?" he asked timidly. Archie almost dropped his carefully constructed mask of neutrality when a grin threatened to break out on his face. This would be amusing.

Without breaking stride, Harry casually tilted his head, ever so slightly, to the side so he could spy the idiotic boy out of the corner of his eyes. Harry knew it was a matter of time before one of them braved his wrath to try something like this; it was a constant during his summer holidays whenever he tried to eat dinner that idiots would disturb him for his autograph (or to just spend time in his presence), why should he expect any different in a school full of Quidditch fans?

Knowing that if he signed the kid's picture, everyone in the school would line up for one, he went for the cleverest approach.

Turning his head a little more, so both his bright green eyes were locked on with the boy's, Harry narrowed them dangerously, a promise of pain and torture being conveyed with just a stare. The boy didn't stand a chance; with an undignified squeak, he quickly retreated to the back of the crowd.

Proud of his work, Harry tilted his head in the opposite direction and lazily grinned at the gaping Archie. No one else dared to ask for an autograph, but that didn't stop them following him, or 'giggle squealing' in his direction.

When the duo finally made it to their new dorm room, one that looked better suited for studying than their previous ones with much larger desks and more comfortable accommodations, Archie cornered his friend.

"What the hell was that down there?" he incredulously asked "you just looked at him and he almost shit his pants, are you some sort of Basilisk hybrid?" he asked "has it got something to do with your Parseltongue abilities?"

Harry rolled his eyes in annoyance "Hardly," he said "it's an acquired skill, just glare at people while thinking about the most painful and torturous way of causing them harm," he lectured "it helps if you actually mean it though," he added as an afterthought.

Archie just stared at him incredulously before shouting "That's the biggest load of Hippogriff shit I've ever heard!" he said "there has to be more to it than that!"

Harry shrugged "Sure, a little Legilimency and a wandless compulsion charm help, but it's all in the 'wanting' to cause them harm," Archie didn't know if he should be weirded out by how well Harry was lecturing on this particular subject "oddly, your inner feelings are mirrored well in your eyes, and people get the picture."

"Whatever," Archie dismissed "can you believe what Dumbledore said at the feast? They're allowing Dementors access to Hogwarts, only on the slight possibility Pettigrew is hiding here?"

Harry's back was to Archie, so the brown haired boy didn't see the dangerous glint in Harry's eyes as he spoke "They won't try anything if they know what's good for them."

"You can't kill Dementors Harry," Archie frowned "it's hard to threaten a creature you can't kill, let alone harm in any way . . ."

Harry didn't answer, remaining content with unpacking his school supplies in the bookshelves mounted on the wall above their personal desks. Their dorm mates had stayed downstairs, chatting with their friends after a whole summer without seeing each other.

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