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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

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I could imagine so many things I could be doing right now that would be better than this. Going to the beach with Annabeth. Eating blue candy with my mom and Paul. But I can't do those things. Not now and not ever again.

Because they're dead.

Right after the war, everything was so great. He and Annabeth had everything. Until Tartarus had to snatch it away from us.

He brought me down to his domain and gathered every monster and Titan and giant I ever fought to come torture me. He made me immortal so it could never end.

I escaped though. Bob and Dasmen (spelling?) had saved me again. They were immortal, so it was only a matter of time before they rose again. They helped me escape and once again I failed them.

Once I came back from Tartarus for the second time. I found Annabeth, my mom, and Paul dead. It was my punishment for escaping.

I came back to camp, hoping to mourn in peace, but no such luck. Everyone wanted their leader back.

So I put on a facade and acted as their leader. Sometimes my friends would ask me if I was okay, I would tell them yes and make a joke. Little did they know, I would never be okay again.

I don't think I can keep it up any longer.

I was currently teaching sword fighting to some of the newbies. I was in the middle of a demonstration when Chiron came trotting into the arena.

"Percy! My boy, the gods would like to see you immediately!" He told me. I gave him a confused expression, the gods didn't usually do this. What did they need with me? I followed the horse man anyway.

Argus soon drove me to the Empire State Building and I asked for the 600th floor. The guy at the front didn't even bother denying this time before giving me the key.

The architecture reminded me of Annabeth. I stopped looking at it. I walked into the throne room and bowed. All the gods were gathered there.

"Rise my boy" Zeus said puffing his chest out. Still the drama queen.

I stood up straight and asked "My Lord, why did you summon me?"

"A group of heroes in New York called the Avengers have asked for help in an upcoming war" I raised my eyebrow at this. The Avengers? He loved those guys. War? That, he did not love.

"I don't understand my lord" I replied

"We think it would be best to send our best hero to help them" Poseidon said with pride

"Father, I can't possibly be the best!"

"You survived two Great Prophecies and escaped Tartarus twice. Why of course you are" my dad remarked "plus, you have a greater heart than any other hero before you" he smiled

"A hero doesn't fail to save his friends and family. He doesn't cause their death" I mumbled

Poseidon wore a worried expression and whispered something to his brother in Ancient Greek. I only managed to hear bits of the conversation.

"...worried....broken....hold on..." Those weren't my favourite choice of words.

"We hope they can help you as much as you can help them" my father finally said. He sighed sadly. "Unfortunately, Percy, this is not a choice"

I looked down and sighed. I don't think I can handle another war. But I nodded anyway. There wasn't anything else I could have done.

"Pack your things, you leave immediately" Zeus told me.

I nodded and left the throne room after bowing once more.

There's one place I want to visit first.

Their graves.

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