Chapter 2/ The School

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My father had just called me to his office and explained that we were having new people joining our town and they were humans. It was not common for the alpha to accept new members and more so humans.

That could be a security threat to our kind. I had to keep a close eye on them. "Arnold, I want you to follow the new people in town"

I said to my Beta through the mind link, not waiting for his answer. As the next alpha of the Black Wood Pack, I had a responsibility to ensure the prosperity of the pack. I may not be a good person but I love my pack and ensure that it is always strong.

Wondering who I am? Well am Joe Black, the next Alpha to one of the strongest and biggest pack in Africa. I am 20 years old but I have not yet found my mate, the Luna to our pack. My friends have already found their mate but am still waiting. I guess the wait is okay because I need a strong she wolf to help me run the pack.

Talking about she wolfs, a bump into Lydia. She is one if the strongest she wolf in the pack and I was hopping she could have been my mate when I turned 18, but the Moon goddess had her own plans.

She is my girlfriend and she will be the Luna soon when my dad hands over the thrown to me.
"There you are, I have been looking all over for you." She says seductively while planting a kiss on my lips. I smack at her and respond to the kiss. After some time, we break away to catch our breaths. " So, are you ready for school," I ask her while checking my watch. We were running late, but being the next alpha has its pact's. No one will question me. She nods while leaning on my shoulder. I quickly guide her to my Mercedes packed outside the pack house, and we drive to school.

When we arrive in school, the first hour is already over and students are changing classes for their second lesson of the day.

My father set up this school for post highschool students to decide what they want to do before joining collage. Here you are equipped with skills on your career path. Thus the name Future Skills institute.

While walking down the hall to my locker, I feel my wolf Alex stirring and that makes me worry. He never comes out when in school unless there is something important.

"What's wrong Alex," I ask in a worried voice. "Nothing but I feel like something is going to happen." He then disappears at the back of my mind. I ignore him and walk to my locker holding Lydia's hand tightly. She leaves for her class coz she is taking arts while I go for my science classes.

Bella's POV

I woke up late for my first day of school. My mum had already left for the hospital, to meet with the leader of this town or something like that. I hurried to the bathroom and took a quick shower then tied my braids in a loose bun and wore a green tank top with blue jeans and doll shoes. I took my bag pack and left the house. The school was 10 minute drive. I took my bike and ride as fast as possible. As I packed my bike few people were on the packing lot. Meaning I was late for my classes.

I got weird stares but I ignored them and tried to check on my schedule for the day. Right I had arts class. I wanted to major in journalism while in collage. I quickly skimmed through the hall way and saw a few students hurrying to their classes. I saw a petite girl with shinny pink hair still at her locker and approached her. " excuse me, can you assist me to find my class, am new here" the girl stopped what she was doing and turned around which made the books she was stuffing in her locker to drop. " Sorry, " I said quickly trying to pick them she just laughed. " Hi am Emilie but you can call me Emmy. It seems you are new here." She offered her hand. I cleared my voice and said " Am Elizabeth but you can call me Bella, nice to meet you " She smiled at me and took my schedule from me. She was wearing pink dress top and black tights was this girl obsessed with pink? Her voice interrupted me from accessing her. " Good we have the same class, let's go." She took my hand into hers and drugged me along.

By the time we entered the class I knew her name was Emilie Estella, she had two older brothers, had a boyfriend called Arnold and she wanted to be a fashion designer.

We entered the class and it was too quite. People stared at me then resumed with what they were going. Emmy again drugged me to the back seats where I think her friend had sat. She introduced me to the group that consisted of 2 girls and 3 boys. I sat quietly as I listened to them talk.

"Are you ready for the party next week?" A slim guy with blond hair in the group asked. His name was Max. I realised most of this people had dyed their hair from there natural black colour. What was it with that, but still they all looked great. The girls had model like figures and the boys had great physic. " Yah we are all ready, we can't wait to meet our new al.... Leader." One of the girls I think Jane said but gave me a worried look. What was that for and with the stammering? Before I could ask, the door flew wide open and a girl in high heels with a ponytail wig came in class. Emmy snorted while she passed us with her friends and she turned to glare at her. " I can see the loser group around, and they have another weak member." She said while looking in my direction. Before I could answer her. The teacher, a middle age woman walked in. "Go sit down Lydia," she said with a sigh. She took one look at me and sneered and took her seat on my side. Emmy was murmuring some colourful words and glaring on Lydia's direction. I knew she would be the least likable person on my list.

The lesson went fast and soon we were leaving class I wanted to place my bag in my locker so I excused myself from the group and walked to the direction of the lockers. The hall was deserted.

As I found my locker, I heard a growl and soon saw a guy who was 6ft tall over my 5ft figure coming close to me. His black short hair was neatly combed and he was very handsome. I could not take my eyes off of him. His hands had formed a fist and it was like he was preventing himself from holding me, that made me feel sad. With a huff, he turned around and left. I kept staring at the blank spot that he was standing. Emmy called out my name and I followed her to the cafeteria. She sat with a guy with long braided hair that she introduced as her boyfriend Arnold. She also asked where Joe was and Anorld gave an excuse which I didn't hear. All along I was wondering why the name Joe was interesting to me and picturing the guy at the locker, and my reaction to him. What was happening to me?

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