Chapter 2: Broken Memories

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Jennifer's POV:

"Where were you?!" I suddenly snapped, backing away from Daryl. We had only just reunited less than five minutes ago. Everything was so happy and emotional. But as soon as the tears dried and reality kicked in, I was someone else. And I was already pissed off at him. But I thought my excuse was  valid.

"Wha?" He asked, squinting his eyes at me. I remembered that stare from when he would be confused with me.

"For the last 15 years... Where did you go after I went to college?" I asked. He sat back down on the stool and slumped himself over a bit. His elbows rested on his knees.

"I was in Macon with Merle fer a while. Jay, ya' just left after high school. My dad was in prison an' I had nobody." He tried making it sound like I was the bad guy. Like I abandoned him for a bad reason.

"What was I supposed to do, Daryl. Take you to college with me? That was your choice not to go anywhere and do anything useful with your life." I pointed back at him. He growled and stood up, starting to walk past me. I grabbed his wrist and stopped him from pulling me out the door. "Wait up! I'm not done talking to you!" I said sharply. He spun around and pulled me from his grasp.

"Yer a selfish bitch, ya' know tha'? Jus' like ya' always was!" He snapped. I felt my heart break into a million pieces. Daryl, as long as I had known him, had never called me that before. Even as mad as he would get, he never cursed at me.

"I'm selfish? You're honestly mad at me because I went to go get a better education for myself? Daryl, I'm sorry I left, okay. Is that what you want to hear?" I begged. At this point, I just didn't want him to leave again.

"Ya' know wha'... I don' need this. I'm sorry I ever came back here." He waved at me, turning around. Bill was going to be mad at me, maybe even fire me, but I didn't care. Daryl wasn't going to slip through my fingertips again. I followed him right on his heels as he reached his bike. The guy didn't even pay for his coffee. Which I guess I could just pull from my pay. But my point stood.

"Do not walk away from me!" I yelled as he sat on his bike. "I spent 15 years of my God blessed life wondering where on earth you were. So obviously you didn't mean that whole 'blue jay' stunt back there. You gave me the pin for what, to let it go and forget about me?" He just sat there in silence, looking down to his lap. I wanted an answer. But when he looked back at me, I knew I wasn't getting one anytime soon. "Fine... Take it back then, I don't want it. Friendships don't work that way." I grumbled, taking the pin from my dress. I held it in my hand and in one swift throw, chucked it into his chest. He tried catching it, but instead, it fell to the pavement. A piece of the blue enamel broke off of one wing.

"Jay..." He spoke softly. Looking to the ground, I knew he was either heartbroken or remorseful. How could something so beautiful break so easily. What was this so called 'friendship' we used to have.

"No. My name is Jennifer, you call me by that now. You lost that privelage when you called me a selfish bitch. You don't know me anymore." I spat. His mouth parted slightly, only short squeaks coming from his mouth.

"Wait." He shook his head at me. Daryl used to mess up like this in the past sometimes. I would hate him for a while, and then the pain of me avoiding him would move him to tears. And I didn't like him being that way. It hurt me too.

"You can't expect me to have all the answers. 'Cause I don't. The last 15 years I've been wandering, looking for them. And if you think for one second that I ever forgot about you..." I made my hands into fists and started to sob into my self. The pleading look in his eyes told me that he was sorry. But I needed to hear it from him first.

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