New Roommate

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After a meal with my daughter, I decided to give my old friend a call. Her name was Victoria. She went to MIT and was a fucking genius their multiple doctorates in various institutions. She had been in universities since she was twelve and she was the same age as me. I met her when she was on her sixth doctorate, and she was at a business class learning what she could about business; I sat beside her, and although she was a genius, she struggled with business, though. We became close friends, but neither of us was sexually interested in each other. I was busy with classes, and she was even busier, and neither were interested.

My daughter went home after a promise I wouldn't just head home and go do something. I called Victoria, and she answered.

"Rick, how the Fuck ya been?" I heard on the phone, and I smile.

"Honestly, Victoria, I have been better."

"What's wrong, you are always the Driven type?!"

"I achieved my fucking dreams Victoria. What about after that?" I ask.

"That's a question I haven't asked myself, Rick but one sec." I hear furious typing. "Oh fuck ya, I see what you mean you were driven to do shit, Rick, but you were quick about it. Hell, the people you have picked up are driven. You seem to be the next billionaire now too. Shit knowing you after letting others take over the main shit, you are bored out of your mind."

"You read me too well, Victoria," I sigh, "I will be honest. I adopted a daughter after my success, and My family disowned me, Victoria. I gave them too much money, and they went at it like they won the lottery and disowned me for trying to teach them spending habits-. You know what, Victoria, where you at let us talk over a meal if you have the time. I need a friend and a favor."

"Sure, Rick, you never asked me for anything while I have asked you for shit over the years. I am in New York at the moment."

"I live here in New York; let's hit The Hilton hotel restaurant or some fucking random diner Victoria, and we can catch up."

"Sure, Let's see, there is a diner on 34th and 91st. Want to meet there? in say an hour?"

"Ya, see you then."

I hang up and walk there slowly. It wouldn't take me too long, and I just go with the flow and reach there in roughly forty minutes. I grab a table and get some water. I wasn't hungry since I just ate with my daughter.

I didn't wait long when a tall blonde woman entered the diner. She was at least six feet, and with the clacking of her heels, she walked over to me. She had nice double D breasts and a heart-shaped ass. She looked fantastic as always. She wore a one-piece dress that accented her body perfectly in black. She was a woman that spit in the eyes of stereotypes and actively used it against people to her advantage. She also looked out of place in this diner.

I got up and waved her over, and we hugged. I looked like a shrimp, and my Face almost planted directly into her cleavage. We laughed at my height again and sat down.

"I will be frank, Rick, you look like shit." she started, and I laughed. It had been a while since I laughed, and I smiled a self-mocking smile.

"Honestly, Victoria, I can't fight that statement. I do not know what to do with myself these days. Make a large number in my bank even larger? Become a philanthropist? Oh, wait, that second one I am. I donate so much the government gives me tax cuts larger than the amount I donate. So that's out. I feel like I am falling into a hole Victoria. But today, one of the reasons I called you is my daughter forced me out of my apartment and got me interested in your game." She smiles at me. "I understand if you cant, but can I get two pods of your product installed in our apartment. I need this favor." I just get it all off my chest.

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