December 1-Santa Claus is comming to town

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When Louis arrived fifteen minutes early on Monday (that must be a record) the first thing he saw as he entered the changing room was someone in a full Santa outfit. There were three other guys there as well and they hadn't changed into their costumes yet so he felt relieved. The one dressed as Santa must have been really early. What a dork!
"Hi there Santa, I want a pony!" Louis grinned.

The man in the Santa costume stared at him in surprise and then he started to giggle.
"I'm pretty sure Santa is supposed to have more of a "ho ho ho" laugh." Louis smirked.

Santa cackled out loud with a weird snort in the end and covered his mouth to muffle the sound. When he had stopped laughing he took a step forward and extended a hand for Louis to shake.
"Hi, I'm Harry."

"I'm Louis, one of your elves." Louis grinned and shook his hand.

"I'm also an elf! I'm Niall." One of the other guys greeted.

"Well, I'm Santa's favorite elf, right Santa?" Louis asked Harry with a wink.

Harry giggled again.
"You're funny."

"And you stole my costume. I wanted to be Santa instead of a stupid elf." Louis said.

"Sorry, but I don't think I would fit in an elf costume." Harry chuckled.

"Are you calling me small?" Louis huffed.

"No! But you're not exactly a giant." Harry chuckled.

Louis could see his green eyes glittering with humor. That was all he could see. The rest of the man was covered in a fake beard and hair.
"Give me a break! I'm big!" He protested.

"At least neither of you have to be the back of Rudolph. I'm gonna sniff someone behind all day. I'm Zayn by the way." One of the other guys suddenly said.

"That would be my behind. Sorry about that. I'm Liam." The last man said.

Zayn blushed.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound rude."

"It's okay. I'm glad I don't have to be the bottom in this ridiculous costume." Liam laughed.

"Yeah, you should be grateful to be the top. We'll make it work." Zayn answered.

Louis tried his best not to laugh out loud. Neither of them seemed to understand how funny their conversation was. Then he heard  Harry giggle and gave him a curious look. Interesting. Harry looked back with sparkling eyes and Louis grinned at him.

"I guess I have to elf up."
He grabbed the costume to take a look at it. It smelled awful.
"Oh God, when did they wash these? Mine smells like feet." He grunted and Harry burst out laughing again.

He seemed to think everything he said was funny. Who was this person behind the Santa outfit? Louis was intrigued. He changed quickly and Niall did the same.

Then they watched in amusement when Liam and Zayn tried to get into the Rudolph outfit. When they finally had managed to put it on Liam started to walk and Zayn fell over him. They landed on a pile on the floor and Louis, Niall and Harry burst out laughing. Louis noticed that Harry had an adorable laugh. Oh for fucks sake, since when had he developed a Santa kink? Louis shook his head in amusement.

Liam and Zayn managed to get up with a little help from two elves and they tried to walk again. This time it went better even if it looked like Rudolph was really drunk.

They walked out to Santa's wonderland, which basically just contained a chair, some badly made paper mache trees, and some cheap lights. Someone dressed as Mrs. Claus was waiting for them.  
"You're late!"

"Sorry, costume trouble. Hi, I'm Harry." Harry said and put his hand out for her to shake.

"Anna, but around here we're Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Someone can hear you." Anna hissed.

"Someone?" Harry asked confused.

"I think Mrs. Claus is referring to the children. Hi, I'm the elf." Louis grinned and petted Harry's shoulder.

Anna gave him a once-over. She didn't look impressed.
"It should be illegal for grown men to dress in elf costumes." She snorted before she turned around.
"Come on!"

"She's lovely." Louis snorted. Harry was the only one who heard him and he chuckled.

Harry took a seat. There was already a line of children and their parents waiting. He started to smile when he saw all their exciting faces. He glanced over at Louis to find him smiling as well.

Niall and Louis went to get the first child. Louis leaned down.
"Hi sweetie, what's your name?"

"Eve." The four-year-old girl said shyly.

"That's a beautiful name. Let's go and say hello to Santa." Louis smiled and reached out a hand for her to take with a glance at her mother to see that it was okay. He followed the girl to Harry. She let go of his hand and reach out her arms and he picked her up and put her in Harry's lap.
"This is Eve, as you already know Santa."

"Of course, Hi Eve. What do you want for Christmas?" Harry asked.

"A doll." Eve said quietly, staring at Harry in devotion.

"That's a good one." Harry said.

"Move it along." Anna hisses between gritted teeth.

Harry gave her an irritated look before he turned to the girl in his lap.
"Why don't you go and say Hi to Rudolph over there? Merry Christmas sweetheart."

"Merry Christmas Santa!" Eve smiled and hugged him before Louis helped her down.

Louis took her to pet Rudolph while Niall brought the next child to see Santa. Time went by fast and when it was time for a lunch break they all hurried to the back to eat. They had a small breakroom for themselves.

Louis was chatting to Niall while they entered. Harry was already sitting down and he had removed the fake beard and hair to be able to eat. Louis stopped in his tracks and stared with his mouth hung open. Behind that Santa mask, a gorgeous man had been hiding out all day. He registered chocolate brown curls and a dimpled smile when Harry looked up and met his eyes.

"Are you gonna block the doorway for the whole lunch hour? I'm starving mate!" Niall complained and he finally snapped out of it and went to get his food.

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