Chapter 2

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I threw all my clothes on the floor looking for my favorite Misfits t-shirt at 6am. I threw the door open to my brother, Mikey's room where he was straightening his hair and loudly said, over the clacking of the straightener,


Mikey was always quiet and mellow so he just ignored my sudden outburst and nodded in the direction of his laundry. I rummaged through the crazy pile and returned to my room, victorious with my shirt. I needed to look my best if I wanted to impress Frank, he was so adorable and shy...I thought to myself 'I wonder if he'd ever go for someone like me, he might not even be gay, who knows?! Maybe he is, only one way to find out...' After my mental breakdown of the situation I shimmied into my black skinny jeans, and took a quick peek in the mirror to draw on some thick eyeliner and ruffle up my hair a bit before running to school. I hate being late.

AT SCHOOL*************

Gerard was waiting at the entrance of the educational prison for Frank to show up, he wanted to make a good impression on him. After what seemed like an eternity, Gerard saw the familiar spiked hair and not so familiar tattooed arms of the adorable, Frank Iero.

With a small grin on his face Gerard coolly walked over to Frank and got down to business. Without delay, Gerard blurted out, " Do you wanna go to the movies tonight?"

Frank was stunned that someone was making an effort to actually hang out with him. The shorter boy replied with a hesitant, "Uhm.. Y-yea..Yeah! That would be cool."

Both guys seemed much happier after that short conversation and hurried off to their separate classes.

After an eternity, 12:00 came and Frank was excited to actually have someone to sit with at lunch. He saw the familiar Gerard at a table surrounded by 3 other guys. Once Frank got to the table, Gerard stood up and pointed at a guy with ridiculously straight hair and said,

" this is my bro, mikey!"

To which Mikey nodded meekly.

Then, he motioned to a very tall guy with a fuzzy Afro exclaiming,

" This is ray!"

Ray saluted at frank....weird

Gerard pointed at a blonde rugged guy and said,

"This is Bob!"

Bob just sat there, Frank wasn't expecting him to react, he seemed too intense for that.

Frank didn't know how to react so he just blurted out,

"I'm Frank and I guess I'm sitting here today."

Gerard patted the spot next to him and Frank sat down gingerly. Everyone was just staring at each other until Mikey's voice erupted from the silence,

"So Frank, what kind of music do you listen to?"

Frank didn't like being put on the spot but he replied with,

"Uhm...Smashing Pumpkins, Iron Maiden...ermmm--"

Mikey cut him off there, " you'll fit in just fine here frankie-boy..." After those words the bell rang and everyone filed out of the caf. Frank just sat there and smiled like an idiot, knowing he had just made some friends in hopes he wouldn't be completely alone this year

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