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Akaashi lay in his bed staring at his ceiling. He felt so stupid. He just couldn't leave a good thing alone could he? He had to get scared and ruin it.

He had already done all of his homework for the weekend and organized his room, and when he tried to busy his mind on video games or reading he just couldn't concentrate. So, he opted on laying in his bed while a movie played, not that he was actually watching it but it served at good background noise. His mom was asleep downstairs, she worked nights and would have to go in a couple hours.

Eventually he fell asleep, taking about an hour long nap. He had tired himself out overthinking all the occurrences of the past day, and how he felt about everything . It was still light outside so he decided on making a quick trip to get some iced coffee. Should he ask Bokuto if he wanted to join? No, he probably had already put a strange wedge in their friendship at the moment and inviting the older boy would just cause more awkwardness.

After a returning from his quick coffee trip,  Akaashi decided on painting. He still had another year but it was important to start working on pieces that would work well for his portfolio for when he did apply to colleges. The raven haired boy still wasn't completely sure on what he wanted to do but, he was positive he wanted to pursue art. It was one of his favorite things to do, something about spending hours working on something that was completely your work was really invigorating to him.

To Akaashi, art never changed, it would be and had for a long time been an outlet for him. Sometimes he was just scribbling or throwing paint on a canvas like a mad man, and sometimes it would come out terrible, but his head would just be so full of thoughts and emotions that he just needed to get it out. He had noticed that Bokuto would do the same thing with volleyball. If he was having a bad day or aggravated because of school he would practice, and sometimes he had Akaashi help him practice. During those times he would tell the younger boy how good of a volleyball player he could be, but he would just roll his eyes. He could barely get the ball up and didn't really know anything about the sport. Besides, it was a little too late to pick up a sport seeing as he only had one more year left in high school.


Akaashi painted until his eyes were tired and the light in his room was no longer sufficient enough for painting. It was around 9:30 but this time of year it got dark really quick. The ice that was left over in his coffee had melted in his cup, which he had drank all of it almost immediately after getting it. He decided he was at a good stopping point in the painting and decided to clean the brushes he had used.

He could hear his mom downstairs getting ready to leave for work. He went down to say goodbye to her and locked the door behind her after she left. To busy himself and work out some of the energy the coffee had given him he cleaned the dishes and swept around the house. Akaashi did all of the chores he could possibly think of, and made sure to feed the stray cats that had been coming up to his house. Okay, maybe he had lured them there and had been buying cat food for them but those details weren't necessarily brought up when he mentioned the cats to his mother, who had said no to inside pets.

Then, he was left with himself again. He looked at his phone. Bokuto hadn't texted for snapped him since he had left. Which he didn't blame him of course. Should he call him? Would he even answer? Akaashi sat at the edge of his bed staring at Bokuto's contact with his finger hovering over the call button. Before he could make a decision the phone began to ring.

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