Harry Styles ( Dirty Imagine )

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"Have you picked your dress yet?" your best friend, Katie asked you while fixing her hair in front of your dressing table.

"Erm.. I can't seem to find any suitable ones!" you answered her as you are frantically fishing for dresses out of your wardrobe.

"Wendy, should I wear this?" Sheila asked while holding up a tight fitting black tube dress with a golden zipper that goes all the way down.

"Wow, I love this dress! It's gorgeous!" You looked at the dress with great interest.

Just then, Sheila spotted a royal blue sundress lying on your bed, "Oh my god! Can I wear this?" She waited for your response while putting on a puppy look.

Laughing, you said, "Fine, but you must let me wear that black dress too!"

"Of course! No problem!' Sheila took your blue sundress and hand you the black one as she happily skipped to the toilet.

You tried on the dress and it fits you perfectly, bringing out the curves of your body and the zipper seems to elongate your body, making you look taller than you actually are. 

"Are you done staring at yourself, because I need the mirror now, girlfriend." Katie crosses her arms.

"What a bitch." you muttered then both of you laughed together.

After the three of you are done with the make up and have found matching pairs of heels and clutches, you locked the frontdoor and made sure that it is locked properly before you turn to leave.

Katie had already started the engine of her Pink BMW convertible, the car ready to speed through the night.

Getting into her car, you turned on the radio and blast the music, as you girls are on the way to your girls night out.

"Hey why isn't Dave free tonight?" Sheila asked curiously.

Dave has been your boyfriend for 2 months now, he's always sweet but sometimes he would presses you to have sex with him. Although you love him, you know that you are just not ready yet. Moreover, you are not even sure if he really loves you that much.

"Well, he smsed me earlier and told me that he's gonna be doing his project with Jimmy and stay at Jimmy's tonight." You actually don't really care if he's here or not, since recently your relationship had turned quite bland and boring.

"Oh well, oh and we've reached!" Sheila said with much excitment. Clubbing is definitly one of her favourite things on earth.

You and Sheila stood at the club's entrance while waiting for Katie to park the convertible.

It didn't take her long, then the three of you proceeded into the club.

It was playing some techno music and you look at Katie with a disgusted face. She knows you aren't a fan of techno music at all. She laughs at you then went onto the dance floor hand in hand with Sheila.

You watched them dance as you picked your drink from the bartender.

"No dance tonight, Missy?" the bartender smiles as he asks you the same question ever since you came patronising in this club.

"Same old, same old." You replied with a smile.

After 10 minutes, you needed to go to the ladies, so you got up and walked to the direction of the ladies.

You were in the front cubical when you heard muffled voices of a guy and a girl in the last cubical.

What the fuck? you thought to yourself while you got out of the cubical and wash your hands.

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