The Chase

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She ran from the house to the woods. She wasn't sure if she was afraid or excited but she ran anyway. The forest was dense, dark, and foreboding. There was a lingering haze that coated the forest floor.
With each step she took she could feel his blue piercing eyes upon her, sure that he was close behind.
As she ran, she thought she could hear his footsteps over the racing beat of her heart. The brambles tore at her red cape and ripped her fishnet stockings as she imagined the hands of her wolf pawing at her. She could almost feel his grip as she struggled against the undergrowth. The thought of his grip on her arms and legs made her gasp in panic. Was it panic?
As she continued to stumble forward she could feel his hot breath in her ear, fuck he was so close, her heart beat louder with anticipation, no it was terror, maybe? In her mind she could see his wicked grin, those lips that she pictured him licking, desiring to devour her whole. His teeth gleamed white in the darkness, she felt a tremble of fear, no that's not right, not fear... Her mind raced as she willed her feet reluctantly forward. A new sensation of excitement filled her as she heard his growls. They sounded full of ravenous lust. She swore she could hear a strange tone in them as the words "all the better to eat you with my dear!", echoed in her head, and it made her skin hot and her face blush.
She ducked behind a tree. Fuck, why wasn't she running? She wanted to run but she also wanted, no, needed to see her pursuer. Her mind filled with thoughts of him. She needed to see the beast, his wicked smile and the gleam in his blue eyes.
Fuck, she could already feel the excitement tingle deep within her core. How close was he? What would he do to her? She bit her bottom lip at the thought. Her hand clutched at the hem of her skirt, trying desperately to avoid touching herself. "What the fuck am I doing?" She thought to herself. Her fight or flight instincts kicked in again as her body filled with a rush of excitement, lust and fear. She turned again to run.
Out of nowhere he was on her. His hand gripped her throat. She stood frozen, her gaze locked on the blue of his eyes. She felt the pain of the rough bark against her back as the Wolf pushed her against the oak. She tried to act defiant as she struggled, and he laughed. His mouth pressed against hers as he forced a kiss. In one last act of defiance, she bit his lower lip and they tasted blood. Her triumph wilted with his growl and the wicked spark in his glare, as she felt his other hand between her thighs. "You're not putting up much of a fight Little One, and you are such a wet needy little mess to be pretending to be so brave." He growled, his hot breath sending shock waves through her body.
"Fuck, he knew!" she thought as waves of heat and pleasure washed over her mind as her body responded to his finger tips. Those strong fingers, that seemed to be forcefully touching her in all the right ways. He slid them past her panties and her floodgates opened. she gasped for a breath at his rough touch, already hampered by his hold on her throat. A moan escaped her lips along with a breathy "Fuck you!" His mouth went for her neck and she grasped around his head to pull him closer as she felt his lips and teeth meet the pale delicate skin of her neck. "Oh gods!" She cried as her mind reeled with a combination of pleasure and fear. She felt her panties rip away as he growled with lust,and her mouth blurted out "fuck me Daddy..." before she even realized she had spoken at all. He grabbed her hands by her wrist with one hand and pinned them above her. Her moans filled the forest and echoed, as he pushed deep inside her. The pain of the bark against her back mixed with the pleasure he brought to her body with each long, rough thrust. Her mind clouded as her body began thrusting back, matching his rhythm and intensity. He released her hands as she began matching his growls and he smiled. They fucked wildly as she bit into his shoulder. He tore loose the front of the black corset she wore under the red cloak. He teased and nibbled her breasts before marking them with hickeys, as she clawed at his back. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and pulled back, exposing her neck once again to his mouth as she came twice on his cock in rapid succession. Her third orgasm came just as he made his final thrust and howled. As he filled her throbbing wet pussy with his seed, her howl joined his as her body trembled in its own release and she collapsed in his arms. "See Babygirl you ran needlessly. You are mine Babygirl, mine...", the wolf wispered in her ear.
"I was yours before I ran Daddy, I just needed you to catch me... yours" she replied.

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