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If you're expecting a new chapter, then I'm sorry if I disappointed you.

TOMORROW this book will be HEAVILY EDITED.


I realized there are so many mistakes in this story, and how i was lazy to do researching about how Japan school system works.

What will happened to the chapters?

I'll be un-publishing them and edit them before republishing them.

Will there be a change to love interest?

Yes, in fact, i'll deduct some love interests, since it's hard for me to make [name] have some 13 amd more love interests. So I am very sorry if your disappointed about it.

Also, love interests will increase throughout the story as [name] interacts with different characters on this story.

If you have any other questions, pls don't be afraid to ask me!

I hope you guys understand, love you guys, stay safe! And don't overwork yourselves! Take care!

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