The woodland trip

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Ophelia's POV

I get up surprised there's not an Anne in my bed and the time 6:23am today must be weird if I'm not getting woken up at 4 in the morning. I make breakfast and hear the girls walking down the stairs. "We get to walk in the woods today!" screamed Anne the girls all cheer and Kat does a little dance. "Girls I'm gonna get you outfits all ready leave your plates on the table once you're finished. 

I get really happy because I ordered new raincoats and wellies for them just for today. Once all the girls come up stairs I put them in their raincoats and wellies. 

After I sorted the girls we head our way to nursery the run to Natalie and the get signed in I wave the girls goodbye and hop into my car

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After I sorted the girls we head our way to nursery the run to Natalie and the get signed in I wave the girls goodbye and hop into my car. 

Kat's POV

Me and Anna are partners I jump around because mama gave me a bunny raincoat. Aimie holds my hands and asks me if I need to take a break and we can go chill out if I need to calm down so I'm not hyper, I nod and we got a picnic table where I saw Maiya and Grace the feeling of my raincoat was annoying me so I tried to get out of it but I couldn't so I started to cry and wave my hands about. There's was so much happening,  Aimie saw me and took off my raincoat and gave me Ockey my octopus I cuddle him the group came back and sat on benches or picnic tables I stayed with Aimie because I felt sad.

Grace asks me if I want some food I nodded and she gave me a cheese sandwich and a peach flavoured yogurt Aimie picked up my yogurt and picked up my wrist and said something about my awergies. I got told I wasn't aloud my yogurt so they gave me strawberries instead. I ate all my food and ran back to Anna and I waved Ockey about.

Anna's POV

We finished our trip in woods we saw our mommy next thing that happened Kat dropped Ockey in a puddle she started to cry so I hugged her then she pushed me away and I fell and hit my head on the gate.

Natalie's POV

I saw that Anna had hit her head on the gate now we had Anna and Kat crying if anything couldn't get more worse Anne fainted, Cathy slipped over and Jane's welly got caught in some mud. Now we had 6 children crying me, Grace, Maiya, Aimie, Millie all jumped in to help all the girls. 

{time skip}

Ophelia's POV

We arrived home after being in the hospital with Anna for a couple hours. I figured it was too late to make tea so I ordered some food. Thank God today was a Friday. All the kids fell asleep after eating so I change them and I play a game of tetris to try and fit all of them in my bed somehow I done it and snuggle in with them and I fall into a deep sleep.

[the next day] 

I wake up to see Anne sitting on my and Kat messing with my led lights Anna and Cathy got into my computer and Jane being the good person here is still asleep I look to my left and see Catherine trying my high heels on. I grab everyone and take them downstairs into the living room of course leaving Jane to sleep and I order McDonalds for breakfast once the food comes Jane wakes up in time. I grab everyone's blankets and make sure they are all warm. 

I forgot to remind them that they had to go see Susan their doctor for a check up. "Girls we are going to see Susan today so you guys can have a check up at the doctors!" I announce happily. 3...2...1...  Tears everywhere Jane starts screaming and throwing pillows and hiding, Anne passes out, Kat following suit of everyone screams, Anna grabs and starts hitting me so does Catherine. Cathy grabs a book and tries to use it to swing at me.

I pick them all up still in their pjs and messy hair. I locked the doors of the car so the don't try and escape and I drive and when I arrive Susan is there. We had to let one of them go at a time I trapped them in the car till it was their turn. 

Susan pulls me aside and gives me 3 more hidden disabilities lanyards and and a letter explaining that no Catherine, Anna and Cathy now have PTSD. I sigh and get back into my car with the screaming children waving goodbye to the girls doctor. The girls are still crying and scratching on the windows and trying to unlock the doors. As soon as I unlock the doors the girls bolt out and run to the front door I laugh and unlock the door they run to their rooms. I tidied the living room and get lunch on the table I call the girls down and we all eat. 

[time skip to night]

The girls had their baths and are in their pjs I lie in bed. Jane, Catherine come into my bed and falls asleep in my arms. 

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