Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Hopeful-

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A/N: I can't really remember what this chapter is all about bc I'm too distracted by this hot guy on my tv to re-read it so I hope it's okay lmao. Shallow hoe? yup that's me. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy! <3

    Finn and Tyler were locked in a strange staring contest from where they sat across from each other. Tyler on the sofa and Finn on my sleeping bag. I watched from where I was leaning against the doorway to the living room with a cigarette between my lips. It was quite fascinating.

    Eventually Finn parted his lips to murmur a, “Does he ever blink?” which I think was a question aimed towards me. I shrugged in response. I wasn't sure if Finn saw the movement, due to not being able to pull his eyes away from Tyler's. I knew the feeling.

    Tyler rolled a cigarette in his lap without breaking eye contact for a second, before lighting it up. He narrowed his gaze only slightly, either to shield his eyes from the cigarette smoke or in an attempt to look more intimidating than he already did.

    Tony slung an arm around my neck from behind me, after returning from the bathroom. He shook his wet hair, spraying water up the side of my face. He whispered, “Have they still not looked away from each other?” I shook my head. “Weird.” Tony said. I nodded my head.

    Then he took a step forward, dragging me with him in a loose arm-lock that I didn't bother fighting against. He smirked at both Tyler and Finn before saying a little too loudly, “Maybe you two should just shag and get it over with because this sexual tension is killing me,”

    “Amen to that!” I shouted, fist pumping the air. Tony started silent-laughing, his chest shaking against my shoulder that was still forcibly pressed against it. My lips trembled with humour, the cigarette bouncing between them. It was Finn who lost the staring contest, unable to stop himself from shooting me a wide-eyed look of fear.

    “Please don't even joke about that,” he said, “I don't think I'd come outta that alive,”

    “Excuse the pun,” Tony scoffed. I furrowed my brows at him and he explained, “Cause he said he didn't think he'd come out of that know, we're talking about sex...”

    “Shut up Tony,” I said. He nodded compliantly with just the faintest tinge of red to his cheeks. It had been a few days since I asked Finn to move in with us. The atmosphere had been quite intense overall, but it wasn't so bad. We seemed to cope with the tension by making jokes every five seconds, or constantly taking the piss. At least, me and Tony had anyway.

    Finn was still feeling a little dark from when I'd gone with him to pack some of his stuff. His mum had been home and, well, it hadn't gone so well. She spun the guilt-trip web and told him that he was choosing boys he barely knows over family, and that he didn't even deserve a family that loved him if he was just going to turn his back on them.

    He'd explained to her that he couldn't stand Maleek and that any money he made, he'd drop in whenever he could and that he'd see Carter on a regular basis but he just couldn't live here any more, mum, because I can't stand to see you this way. And I hadn't yet learned what he meant by that, but it didn't feel right to ask.

    I had that feeling, though, when you're just sitting there in your own thoughts and you look around yourself and think about the people surrounding you and you could almost convince yourself that, yeah, this is forever. Me, Tony, Tyler and now Finn. We were forever, and I could almost make myself believe it. Believe that nothing could take us apart. We'd always fall together at the end of it all.

    Have you ever had that feeling? You'd know, because you always felt a little surreal after it, and there's this little hint of a smile on your lips that doesn't quite dare to be seen in case someone notices and asks, “What are you smiling about?” because how exactly are you supposed to explain that? How are you supposed to explain forever when forever can't be explained?

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