Cruise short story

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I had been called out by hirata-kun to the lower deck of the ship and so I went there but instead the ones who came were manabe and her friends.
They viciously slapped me,punched me and what not,they bullied me and I fell into a trauma once again.
Why does this always happen?
First in middle school.
And now again.
The past trauma that I carried invaded my mind once again.Those horrible days.
I recalled them all and couldnt help but cry.
I was thinking about all of this.
And then a voice called out to me.

At first I thought it was hirata-kun but those wishes of mine were betrayed in an instant.

I was surprised why was he here.
The one who was here was the gloomy loner guy of our class ayanokouji.

I tried to stop crying but the trauma was too much and I couldnt calm down.He just simply waited in silence.

"Calmed down"?He asked me.

"More or less"I replied.

I used my sleeves to wipe my tears but was still paralyzed.
He reached out his hand but I didnt take it.

"Where's Hirata"?

"You two were supposed to meet here but the teacher called out to him,I was with him during the time so I came in his place."

The teacher had called out to hirata-kun at worst possible time and I was seen crying by this guy.This was just the worst.

"So why are you crying"?He asked.

"It's Manabe and her gang......I will not let them get away with this."I said.

I will absolutely not let them get away with this.How dare they.But first I need to take care of this guy.

"Dont tell anyone that I cried.If you do I wont forgive you."

If he spread the word I would ruin his status once and for all.

"You know, to get back at them, even someone like you can do it. They are just girls after all."

Even if he was just a ordinary guy the girls werent exactly special either he could probably get back at them.

"What an unreasonable request."

Ofcourse its unreasonable but a decent man would atleast symapthise with a crying girl.
Where as this uggo just straight up says the obvious.

"Are you afraid that they will payback? And you claim that you are a man......"

I tried provoking him but to no avail because of his next words.

"It is apparent from Sudou's incident that a simple 'payback' is not going to solve anything. An eye for an eye would only escalate the conflict. It would also brings the school in and start an investigation. This is not what you wish, yes?"

Ofcourse I dont want that word spreads That I was bullied and was crying.

"So you are telling me to suck it up?"

This was stupid no one would be able to just suck up being bullied.Ofcourse I wanted to get back at them somehow.

"Like, they would, no, for sure they would continue to do all kinds of things to me......"

Bullying in most cases is not a one time thing it repeats until the prey is fully devoured by the hunter.Mentally and physically.

"It would be a shame if things returned back to how they were before. I can empathize with you on this."

How they were before?What is he talking about?

"Ah......? What did you say? What do you mean?"

There's no way he would know about my past is there?

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