Chapter 20 - I'm Yours

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(Annabelle's POV)

Senior year had gone by fast. In just a couple of weeks Peter, Gwen and I would be graduating. It had been two weeks since Connors had been put in jail, my father had died and Peter and I had got together. Gwen and I seemed to be hanging out more often, not that I was complaining. It was nice and I had practically become part of her family. We both kept our jobs at Oscorp even without Connors being there, which was a huge relief for me. At the moment I was walking home with Peter. Our hands were intertwined like the lovesick fools we were. I was listening to him ramble on about something. I couldn't tell you what he was talking about because I wasn't exactly listening, I was really stuck in my own thoughts.

"So what do you think?" Peter asked as he finished explains whatever it had been.

"Huh? Oh it sounds pretty cool!" I answered. He frowned at me, almost instantly picking up on the fact that I wasn't paying attention.

"You weren't listening." He pouted and it made him look super adorable.

"Yes I was." I argued and gave him a light shove.

"No you weren't." Peter crossed his arms and and gave me a little shove back.





"No. Damn it Peter!" He smiled and laughed. I pushed him slightly and he feigned being hurt. I rolled my eyes and then stopped walking for a second. Peter continued walking ahead of me not even waiting for me.

"Hey are you coming slow poke?" He asked.

"Yeah, just keep walking." I smirked and started to run after him. I jumped on to his back and he stumbled a little but managed to steady himself. "Ha-ha! It is I, the most evil villain in the world and I am going to annihilate Spider-Man." I practically shouted. Peter dropped to his knees with me still on his back.

"Oh no! Your powers are too strong for me. I'm too weak. Someone, anyone, save me!" Peter was now lying down on the sidewalk and looked dead.

"Drama queen." I rolled my eyes and got off Peter's back. I resumed my evil persona. "I've done it! I've killed him! Victory is mine." I cheered.

"You know I'm not sure how I feel about my girlfriend being evil." Peter mumbled as he looked at me. I placed my finger on his lips.

"Shush you're dead and dead people don't talk."

"But what if I'm not dead and I'm just faking." He pointed out.

"Then my master plan has been foiled already! Damn you, Spider-Man!" I shouted. Peter stood up and brought me into a hug.

"I win." He announced.

"Shut up."

"C'mon it's getting late we should get home soon." Peter said reaching his hand out to me.

"But home is so far, I don't wanna walk anymore." I whined.

"Alright how about I give you a piggy back home?" My eyes lit up when he asked that. I jumped up and got on his back again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he placed his arms under my knees. "Ok let's go! I got movies and pizza money waiting for us. And no you're not paying this time!" I said.

"Ye-" I placed my hand over Peter's mouth.

"No." I stated simply. "It's my turn to pay."

I'm yours.

The End.

Just kidding, there's more, keep reading!!


*On July 23, 2016, the sequel to the book was taken down. However there will be/are 5 bonus chapters. Happy reading!*

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