A Serpent and His Rose [Dangerous Temptation]

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The morning was cold and you admired the frost on the window. You saw the new blanket of snow that had fallen outside, and couldn't believe that you had made it to Christmas break at last. Tammy was running around the room excitedly, talking about how she was going to Paris. You couldn't believe how self-centered she was, because she never once asked what you would be doing.

"Well I'm off!" she said, levitating her trunk out. She gave you a one-armed hug, holding her other out with her wand. You waved, holding your cup of hot cocoa both for warmth and the yummy goodness. You walked out down to the common room. Most of the Slytherins had already left, except for the ones who were straggling or staying at Hogwarts, which were very few. Draco came downstairs, his own trunk dragging behind him. He dropped it and sat down with you.

"Packed?" he asked. You nodded, then took out your wand.

"Accio trunk!" you said, and your trunk zoomed down, landing right by the door. Draco looked at it, then back at his own.

"I wish I'd thought of that." he said, comprehending his own stupidity. You smiled, still sipping your cocoa. He put his arm around your shoulders and hugged you to him. Suddenly there was a small cough from behind you. You turned to see Felicia standing at the common room entrance.

"Well we should get going!" she said happily, walking over and taking Draco's arm. "So nice of you to wait to say goodbye, Andrea!" she said sweetly.

"What? Draco didn't tell you--" you began but Draco cut you off.

"Oh yes, I forgot to mention. Andy's coming with us." he said, taking his arm away from her. Felicia looked as though somebody had just taken her life raft from her in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Draco took your hand and led you out. You set your cup on the table, knowing the house elves would see to it. You heard Felicia following behind as you made your way down to the grounds where a Portkey was set up for you all. You walked out and felt like you had entered a freezer. You quickly wrapped your arms around yourself, and Draco noticed. He hugged you to him as you walked, and you heard Felicia make little huffy noise before storming passed you both. She put a finger to the Portkey angrily, and you did the same. You felt yourself being pulled up by the navel and whirling through the air. Suddenly, your feet hit the ground, and you stumbled into Draco. He caught you, smirking.

"You just can't keep your hands off me, can you?" he joked. You smiled and pushed him away playfully before looking up. You were standing outside the biggest house you'd ever seen. The mansion in front of you was so gorgeous, every other house you had seen before paled in comparison. You looked up at it in awe.

"I know, right?" Felicia said. You nodded and began to follow her in when Draco pulled you back.

"My place makes this look like a shack." he whispered in your hear. You looked at him in disbelief but he just pulled you forward to enter the house. The gates opened and you walked up the long drive until you finally made it to the front doors. They opened when you stepped on the stone steps leading up and the three of you walked in.

"Mum, Dad!" she yelled. Two people poked their heads out from a room right next to them.

"Felicia!" they said in unison. Her mother came and hugged her, and then moved onto Draco.

"Draco dear, we haven't seen you in over a year! My how tall you've gotten!" she said, hugging him as well.

"Thanks Mrs. West. And I'd like you to meet Andrea." He said, pulling you forward a little. You smiled shyly, and she took your hand and shook it. "My girlfriend." Draco finished. The smile on Mrs. West's face faltered every so slightly. You looked up at Draco uncomfortably.

"Oh... Well, nice to meet you dear." She said, stepping away from you.

"Yes." Mr. West said, shaking your hand. It felt like a death grip.

"Right." you said, pulling your hand away.

"Well, Felicia show everyone to their rooms and break can begin! I know you must be exhausted from all the studying your doing up at Hogwarts." she said. You suppressed laughter with great difficulty.

She is exhausted, but certainly not from studying!

True dat!

"Yes mum." She said, motioning for you two to follow. You found that Felicia's room was located right next to Draco's.

"Funny how that happened." she said airily. You squeezed Draco's hand in anger, and he pulled it away, rubbing it.

"Sorry." you whispered.

"And Andrea, your room is all the way down the hall, last door to the right." she said, pointing to a long hallway. You smiled, clenching your fists as you walked down the hall. You gave one last glance back, seeing Draco walking into his own room to get settled, before you turned the corner. The hall was really long, and you passed 12 doors before you got to the last one. You opened it and found your trunk sitting at the edge of the bed. You opened it and began to unpack your things into the drawers that were up against the far wall.

*    *    *    *


You pulled your trunk open, slightly annoyed at Felicia for putting Andy's room so far from yours. You sighed, knowing this would be an interesting break.

"How do you like your room?" you heard. You turned to see Felicia standing at your doorway, leaning against the frame.

"It's fine... thanks." you said, standing up straight. She moved into the room, then sat on the bed.

"Did you try the bed yet? It's an amazing mattress. Really bouncy..." she said suggestively.

"I'll trust you on that." you said, walking around toward your closet. She grabbed your hand, stretching across the bed.

"No, no you must try it! My parents love feedback from the guests about this kind of stuff. Please?" she added, looking up at you innocently. You sighed, and sat.

"Oh yeah, I get what you mean." you muttered. Then in one swift movement she hopped over the bed and straddled you, her lips crashing onto yours and forcing you down onto the bed. She was surprisingly strong as she took hold of you, grinding against your lap. You broke the kiss.

"Felicia! Stop, I can't--" but your mind became increasingly foggy as she grinded against your member.

"That... that feels..." you were saying.

"Good?" She finished, looking down at you. You were about to agree when sense once again took over.

"No!" you said, rolling out from under her and standing up uncomfortably. "Bad it feels bad!" you said to yourself.

"I thought you liked bad." she said softly, her hand slid down your leg, rubbing your hard on. Your mind told you to stop her, but for some reason your brain wasn’t sending the message to the rest of your body. "You liked being bad. Taking control. Having your way." she purred into your ear. You stayed silent, your eyes closed as she stimulated you. "She doesn't touch you like this... She doesn't let you take charge." she whispered, her lips touching yours just barely. Your eyes snapped open at the mention of Andy. You grabbed her hand and pulled it away forcefully.

"Do you want me Draco? You can do whatever you want with me." she said. She kissed you, nibbling your bottom lip. You pulled away form her and dropped her hand.

"No." you said flatly. You turned and walked out of your room, sensing her eyes on you as you went.

*    *    *    *


"Draco?" you asked, looking up from your make up bag. He walked in and took you in his arms, kissing you. You were a little surprised, but dropped your bag and wrapped your arms around his neck.

"Andy, I..." he began but trailed off as he looked down at you.

"What?" you asked, sensing something a little awkward about him.

"I... wanted to see you. I'm rather bored." he finished. You smiled.

"Ok. What do you want to do?" you asked.

"Uh, lets just hang out." he laid down on your bed, and you lay beside him, your fingers interlacing with his. It was nice to sit with him, but Pansy's voice has been nagging you every since that night in the common room.

"Draco... Would you let anybody come between us?" you asked. He hesitated, and you felt your heart begin to race. You sat up and looked at him.

"No! Of course not." he said, looking into your eyes. You saw worry on his face, and you wondered why he all of the sudden looked guilty.

"What's the matter?" you asked, not taking your eyes off of him.

"Nothing. It's just that... It’s nothing." he finished lamely. You couldn't believe him, not while his face showed obvious signs of lying. You got up from the bed angrily.


"You're lying to me Draco Malfoy. It's Felicia, isn't it? Sex? That's it, isn't it?!" you shot at him.

"How did you know she--"

"You slept with her?!" you yelled, jealousy and anger flaring up in you.

"What?! No! Well, yes... But that was before we--”

"Stop! I knew this would happen." you said to yourself. You walked over to the door and pulled it open.

"Andy! Wait!"

"I knew you couldn't handle a relationship! I'm so stupid for giving into you. I knew it would end this way. I can't do this anymore, Draco."

"What?! Wait! Where are you going?" Draco asked, getting up.

"Out." you said, your voice quiet and deadly. He seemed taken aback by your change in tone, and didn't stop you when you stormed out.

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