Forbidden - True love

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In our world live creatures that we believed to be stories made up to scare us. But they are a real as you and me. These creatures form the world we are now too scared to believe, the world our ancestors used to know about. But the knowledge of this world is now classified to creatures of that world until someone makes a mistake and breaks the law. There aren't many laws in this world. Just three main ones.

Law 1

Don't tell a human about this world

Law 2

Vampires and witches must not fall in love with or marry/date werewolves or shape shifters and werewolves and shape shifters with them. And above all they must NOT love a human!!!!

Law 3

You must not turn humans into vampires, werewolves or shape shifters.

If these laws are broken there if one penalty, death for all those involved!

This world is the Dark World.

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