Chapter 8: The Great Warrior Of Legends! Brave Valkyrie!

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~it had been hours and Athenas exhaustion had finally faded! She reached over to get her bey and left the factory. as she left, the following thought ran through her mind~

Why? Why can't I reach him?....

~someone was waiting at the factories entrance, it was Valt! He had heard about Athena and Lanes battle and was waiting for her the entire time~

Valt: Been a while huh?

~Athena stared at the bluenette and said nothing, she still didn't feel like talking~

Valt: Is something wrong?

Athena: Its Lane... He just will not listen.

Valt: Well you should try to make him listen. You're the only one who can make him listen.

Athena: But How?! How can I?!

~Valt was taken aback by her sudden outburst, he honestly had no idea what to say~

Valt: Well if strength is what Lane respects then the only thing I can think of is become stronger where he will finally see you as worthy. You ARE the only one who can take on his Flare after all.

Athena: i guess you're right..

~she looks down at Adeona who was glowing a white aura and looks back up at Valt with a smile~

Athena: You are right! I'll strengthen my flare so I can take on his!

~Valt was surprised by Athenas sudden burst of confidence but shrugs it off and smiles, then his bey: Brave Valkyrie begins to shine in his hand~

Valt: Looks like Valkyrie wants to challenge that Flare of yours.

~they go back to the GT Arena and they head into the Main Arena which was completely empty, no crowd and no announcer. Nothing. Valt and Athena walk up to a SpeedStorm stadium~

Valt: Let me see what that Flare can do!

Athena: You got it!

~one person was watching from the empty crowd, it was Lane. He stared at the 2 bladers with an emotionless expression, Lucifer layed in his hand and Harry emerges from his collar, squeaking~

Athena: I'll be going with Guide Adeona!

Valt: Very Well! Just don't hold back!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Valkyrie and Adeona land in the stadium and they instantly come in for an attack*

Athena: Go!!

*Adeona lands a devastating blow to Valkyrie*

Valt: Hold On!!

*Valkyrie recovers from the attack and comes in for its attack*

Valt: Rush Shoot!!

*Valkyrie deals a barrage of ferocious attacks*

Athena: Adeona!!!

*Adeona gets pummeled by all of Valkyries attacks*

~Athena glares as her aura rages out wildly, Lane who was still watching looks on with a bit of a surprised expression~

Lane: Is she about to-?

~a bright glow from Lucifer cuts him off, purple and black particles emit from it~

Lane: *smiles menacingly*

Athena: END HIM!!!

*Adeona starts to shine with Flare and starts its counterattack*

Lane: That flare... I can feel its power from here.. Tch!!

Valt: We're not giving up here!! 

*Valkyrie heads into one of the speed cradles, gaining an intense amount of speed*

Athena: That speed! It's incredible!!

Valt: Now! Brave Sword!

~Athena snapped! Parts of her purple hair turn white and her purple eyes glow! Her white flare grows slightly~

~in the audience, Lucifer glowed even brighter. Lane stared down at it with a stunned expression as he was able to hear the low growls of his beys avatar~

Athena: Finish it with Guiding Upper!!

*Adeona and Valkyrie clash and both beys get blown back*

~Adeona bursts midair and Valkyrie lands on the ground shortly, it was nearly a simultaneous Over Finish~

Athena: OH COME ON!!! AGAIN?!?!

Valt: You didn't do too bad. You never gave up even when it was looking tough, i respect that. Until we meet again.

~Valt left and Athena goes to leave but then she spots Lane in the audience, she waves at him. Instead of waving back, Lane turned and walked away without a word~

Athena: Lane....

~Lane still had Lucifer in his hand. It was no longer glowing but its avatars growl was audible to Lane~

Lane: I refuse to let her surpass me.. I'll make sure of it!

~Lane left GT Arena and returned to the factory and stood in front of his stadium~

Lane: GO SHOOT!!!

*Lucifer lands in the stadium and takes the center*

Lane: The only one who will shine with Flare will be me!!!

~Lane screams as his Flare shoots across the factory, Harry whimpers and hides in a pipe~

Lane: Athena... Next time we battle, I'll make sure you never touch a bey again!!


Next Chapter: Black Sun! Variant Armageddon!

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