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Hello! I'm Sunquids or Kit! I'm the author of this book.

This author's note is concerning the love interests.

I noticed that a lot of readers have commented on adding Uzui and Muzan. I've already said that Muzan lost in the poll and I want Uzui to be somewhat a brother that we show mutual respect towards.

A lot of the readers have been forcing on their preferences to me, especially about not adding Muzan. For readers who participated in the poll, you might know that he has lost to Akaza. To new readers, I will not be adding him.

Please stop telling me to add Muzan, he lost, that's it, no more asking. If you want a fanfic with Muzan as a love interest, feel free to go to my reading lists or comment a story with Muzan as a love interest so others can go see. My fanfic may not be the one for you and that's okay! There's plenty more books.

I just wanted to address this now before it escalates. I don't post often but I'm motivated to write. I wanna be a good author that takes their readers feelings into consideration but I don't want to submit to the point I have no control over my own book.

I have my own ideas, my own plot and I've found myself an opportunity to show other people what I want to write. Please bear with me and see how everything plays out.

I love my readers but I'm not afraid of speaking my mind.

You can stop reading my book if you don't like it. I just hope you don't force your ideas on other authors, it's really hurtful.

If you're still sticking around, thank you.

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