Day 1

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It was a sunny autumn morning and Ana enjoyed the view of the orange colored parks as she gazed through Christian Grey’s apartment window. She had never expected for their second date to finish in his apartment but if she was being honest she hadn’t even believed in the possibility of a second date at all. Ana had met the young millionaire when her roommate Kate had got sick and couldn’t attend to the scheduled interview she had planned months in advance. Getting the appointment had being an achievement of its own and as the college’s newspaper editor this was an opportunity she could not miss. Her friend coached her through the whole interview several times before the big day and Ana read and re read the questions several times so that she wouldn’t fail her friend.

Meeting Christian had been an interesting event- For lack of a better term and conducting the interview had proven to be not as simple as she thought it would be, after all how can you analyze someone who is constantly trying to analyze you? He met every of her questions with two of his own, seemingly taking pleasure in getting her flustered. So Ana left, a little baffled but happy because she had everything her friend needed, it would be like the flu never happened.

It was needless to say that she was more than surprised when she saw him again at the place she worked; especially considering her job was attendant in a hardware store. It had been funny to see him standing with his sleek grey suit in the midst of the antiseptically white aisles. Turned out he was in town because he had to visit college for a lecture and decided to buy a few stuff he needed. It seemed weird; shouldn’t a guy like him have people at his disposition to do this sort of thing? But who knows, maybe he was doing what he had said in the interview and mixing with common man whatever he meant by that. Still Anna thought it would be wrong to ask so she just smiled and helped him find the stuff he needed.

He was the same as she remembered, always poking here and there hoping to find information about her, it must to be something natural that came with his job, after all he couldn’t have built his business without learning how to measure your competition. However this time she didn’t feel as intimidated as before. Maybe it was because she knew what to expect, or maybe it was because she wasn’t in his office, a place design to intimidate but rather on the hardware store, her workplace. She was always safe there. It made things easier, the talk, the jokes and she found herself enjoying her time with him. The way he teased her put a smile on her lips and made her heart race. She had been thrilled when he asked her out on a date.

She had told Kate every detail, and the two friends had waited anxiously to the night of their first date. They met in an uptown restaurant Ana had never heard before; luckily Kate had and made sure Ana was dressed for the occasion. The place was amazing with its contemporary style and upbeat music. It had seen like the perfect date… until Christian arrived.

It was as if something had changed between them, his mind would go elsewhere whenever she spoke and Ana couldn’t help but to feel terrible about it. She was boring him but she didn’t know what else to do. The entire date was just an awkward clusterfuck after another and she went home wondering whatever had gone wrong. Needless to say Anna was incredibly surprised when he called her and asked her out again. She thought about saying no, did she really want to spent another night like that? But she remembered the fun guy she had talk with at the hardware store and agreed to one more date. She wanted to see if she could find him again. And now here she was getting dressed after he left for work. Ana had to admit the sex had been great but, unfortunately, Christian hadn’t. There was something about him that felt off and she was beginning to wonder whether she had maybe read too much into it.

Whatever, it didn’t matter now, she had no interest to see him again so when she got a text from Kate to go have breakfast she left the apartment with a smile on her face. Who needed weird guys when you had great friends?

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