✰| Headcannons: Tomura Shigaraki

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A man who can make your dreams, disappear. Hehehehe, get it, his quirk, no? A Villain who is determined to destroy All Might, a scary one indeed, but to make it a twist, what if he were a yandere?

Would you still be sane? Would you still be able to express emotions, who knows? Behold, the Yandere Villain, Tomura Shigaraki.

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- Another Yandere who would be a Possessive and Sadistic one, an eerie smile is all it takes for you to cower in fear,follow everything he says...

- You, a victim of their plan to cause havoc, do everything to grab attention, yet his eyes caught something, breathtaking.

At first his eyes landed on you, he payed no attention to it at first but then he realized his eyes were stuck to you, glued even, others were screaming for help, others were trying to make a plan, others were crying, but you, stayed silent, calming yourself and remembering that heroes exist and if you can wait, they'll come save you,

Emotions rushed through him, a twisted yet right feeling succumbing him.

- Something that made him attracted to you? Well literally almost everything about you! The way you help other people, putting them above you first, the way you smile, the way you laugh, every simple action and every simple detail, is worth noticing

- Stalking, a normal yandere thing to do just casually Blending in with the crowd and watching over you, stealing your stuff to put in his shrine, basic things a normal yandere would do. And more importantly kill anyone who gets in the way, :)

- And you, yes, you, is completely Oblivious to every hint he leaves.

- No questions ask not even a, 'go out with me' first, oh no no no, he, My friend will take you ABSOLUTELY no questions ask, with a price you are willing to pay.

- On a scale of 1 to 10, he's probably an 8 - 9 kind of guy depending on how his mood is, one second he'll pamper you with gifts and love, the other is just mindless torture.

- Every Yandere, here we go again, kills or hurts in a way, this guy, 100% will torture first, then kill them with a painful death.

- Once he has you in his hands, he won't hesitate to put you on a leash, metaphorically and literally. Be careful if you break one simple rule, may the world or him be kind to you because all hell will break loose if you do, trauma you never thought existed is now placed upon you, yelling as people you love get Decayed in front of you, a video to replay that scene over and over and over again.

- But seeing as you are tired of everything, let's say that during all that destroying the heroes type of thing, you managed escape, and well, you can't. He has eyes everywhere, the moment you step a foot outside of that door, you're dead. Lets just take a step back and images ne on what will happen, you'd be numb and addicted to the point where you'll scream just for his attention, but he isnt gonna listen to you...

- If the reader is traumatized, is there a way to save them? This question has been sitting in my Headcannon lists of questions, but the few yandere I've done dont reach this kind of level of torture. If you are traumatized, unfortunately there is no way to save you, you'll stay like the paralyzed person you are, follow everything and anything he says, you depend on him and him only.

"Have you been good, heh, you'll hope so."

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